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10 Best Health And Fitness Apps

Aug 4, 2015 DiscountMantra

Aug 4, 2015 Fashion & Health


Smartphones bring thousands of health, fitness and nutrition apps that help you know what you eat and also help you workout better. With so many options available, we bring you a list of top 10 apps in no particular order that have proven to be the most effective in terms of execution and results.


Free for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phones
This app suggests plans for workouts by taking a fitness test to measure your fitness level and by asking you your favourite forms of exercise. It also lets you know if you are going to be setting a record or if you are lacking behind, in the middle of your workout session. It offers an option to challenge your friends to different activities.


Free for iOS
This is the place where you can have the former NFL player Tony Gonzalez to be your trainer! He will be your personal trainer who will tailor workouts especially for you after examining your needs and fitness level by asking you a simple set of questions at the end of every workout. It also tests your fitness when you first use this app so that you can start at an intensity level that is right for you. This app offers workouts for beginner as well as for fitness experts.

nikeNike+ Training Club

Free for iOS and Android
This app brings over 100 workout videos crafted by top Nike master trainers. It caters to people of all fitness levels. It helps you to choose the perfect workout plan for you once you specify the goal to want to achieve. This app has a special Chromecast support, which helps you to watch your videos on TV for better clarity and workout right in your living room.


Free for iOS, Android and Windows phones
This app has 600 different activities for you to choose from. It uses GPS to track the routes you travel and shows you a map of the ground that you have covered when you are done. It also displays the distance and time length as well as your current speed and maximum speed. It also helps you to set challenges for yourself as well as your friends.


Free for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phones
Counting calories has never been easier! This special app lets you know what nutritional factors are present in your daily diet and how much calories you burn through them. You input a recipe that you have and this app will let you know of its nutritional details. This will help you know what foods you can continue to have and which you should cut down upon. If your doctor or nutritionist has prescribed some supplements or health foods and drinks to add to your daily diet, you can get them all at discounted rates by shopping with Healthkart coupons.

Runtastic-Six-Pack-AbsRuntastic Six Pack Abs

Free for iOS and Android
This app is specially designed to burn your midsection muscles, tighten your stomach and workout your abs. It provides workout videos to teach you the right way to exercise. The workout programs last from 10 to 30 days.


Free for iOS
All you have to do on using this app is run to the beat of the music that this app provides, which will make it easy for you to complete your workout even before you realize. It has a collection of 30,000 songs in different genres! This app will ask you to state your steps per minute and it selects the perfect music from the collection to match your pace. Isn’t that a great and enjoyable way to burn your calories!

Charity-MilesCharity Miles

Free for iOS and Android
You can earn money for the charity by just running, cycling and walking! Have you heard something like that before? Yes, it’s true. Corporate sponsors of Charity Miles have intended to donate a small percentage for every mile you complete by running, cycling or walking with this app. It also gives you the option to choose which charity you want to support from the list of embedded charities.


Free for iOS and Android
This is the app for cycle enthusiasts. It allows you to easily track your rides in terms of time, distance and speed. This is the best challenging app for cyclists. It not only helps you to compete with yourself to beat your own records but, it also connects you with other cyclers for competing against their strengths.


Free for iOS and Android
This is a fitness app that transforms you from being an out of shape couch potato to being fit enough to run a 5K. It has an eight-week training plan that starts with walking and slowly catches pace towards running and then ends up with intense workouts. It includes three half-hour workouts every week. This app allows you to create music playlists for enjoying your workout. It starts from scratch and goes up to a half-marathon training program.

Now that you know the top ten apps for helping you stay fit, download your favourite ones and start getting fitter. For any kind of health related supplements, equipments, products and sports gear, you can shop from Healthkart, one of the leading names in the Indian Health care industry. You can look out for the best Healthkart offers available on DiscountMantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store. You can also subscribe to their newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

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