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10 Things To Do This Weekend

May 22, 2015 DiscountMantra

May 22, 2015 Entertainment


Weekends are the best time to relax and chill out with family and friends. Most of the time people while away their time by sleeping till late, watching television or simply just laying on their bed. But, after a hectic week full of tiresome work, you definitely need to reward yourself with some fun that can help you relax and refresh your mind.

You must plan for your weekend beforehand. Have a talk with family, relatives and friends as to what they are going to do over the weekend. You could either join them in their plans or make a totally different plan with them. Having a proper plan can help you have lots of fun in limited time.

Plan a picnic

Plan a picnic for the entire day – where you could go, keeping in mind all the age groups that you are going with – a place where everybody joining you will have some activity to do and have fun altogether.

Host a potluck

Decide on a venue for a get-together and ask everyone to bring a drink, starter, dessert or some parts of the main course. You can have a variety of delicious food that way with less of effort. You can even arrange for a party that lets everyone experiment on some new recipe read somewhere or something of their own.

Go out to a restaurant

Plan a group of friends or relatives going out to try a new restaurant that has opened up in the city. This will not only bring you a new taste but also rest your hands from everyday cooking. You can also dine at your favourite restaurants at a discounted price by availing food coupons and offers on DiscountMantra, India’s leading online coupons store.

Go out shopping

You can go out shopping with your family for your personal needs or needs of the house. You can even just go window shopping or go visit a store that is offering deals and discounts on some expensive stuff for your home. Get discount offers at DiscountMantra, for shopping your favourite stuff.

Go for a long drive in the evening

If you have nothing planned for the evening, you can go for a long drive on the outskirts of your city for a breath of fresh air and have a variety of street food on your way for dinner rather than having a complete meal.

Time for your hobby

If you’re a book-lover and all alone to yourself during the weekend, you can go to a library and spend hours just reading your favourite books, with nobody to disturb. If you have good stitching skills and love creating new designs, you can cut up old clothes and turn them into new costumes or maybe something that can be used as a decorative piece at home.

Pamper yourself

Weekends are the best ‘Me’-time. You can go to a spa, have a relaxing body massage or pamper yourself with at-home pedicure, facial and deep-conditioning.

Call on friends for a lazy day at home

If you just feel like lazing around at home all day, you can call over some friends and gossip. You can play card games or board games with them, play a DVD of your favourite movie, dance to lots of music and do lots of fun things together.

Visit places around the city

If you are one of those people who want to discover new places, search for a place around the city which you haven’t been to and plan of staying there over the weekend. It could be a resort where you can relax or a place with lots of adventure, the choice is up to you. You do not need to worry about the great expenses you have to incur for these getaways. With coupons and deals from DiscountMantra, you can very easily get amazing discounts on your tickets and hotel stays.

Attend Events

Check out for the events that are going to take place in your city and find the ones that interest you – it may be an exhibition, your favourite game or your favourite singers singing live in your city.

A few events that could interest you this weekend in Bangalore are The Goan Food Festival, LOL Nights, Blue Umbrella – Comedy Feat. For more details, you can visit

Events in Mumbai include The Serendipity Exhibition, The Vernissage Exhibition. For details, visit

Events in Ahmedabad include Himesh Reshammiya Live and Lebanese Food Festival. Visit for details.

Check what suits your mood, and have a great weekend ahead!

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