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Up To 50% Off On Drinkware At Amazon

Mar 24, 2017 DiscountMantra

Mar 24, 2017 Home Decor


Summers have set in, and it’s time to start feeling humid and dehydrated at the same time. While the sun starts pulling out all the water content from your body, you can’t be sitting indoors to prevent yourself all the time. You need to go out in the sun to do your everyday chores and duties. However, even when you sit indoors, the sun being at its best, is not going to spare you there too. Comparatively lesser, but you will feel dehydrated indoors too. This is when you need to change your diet to incorporate more of water and refreshing liquids like glucose, juices, and sharbats. Even when you move out of home, you must make sure to carry a bottle or two of water or your favourite refreshing beverage to sip on every once in a while. To keep your liquids fresh and cool for longer, you need the right kind of bottle/flask. Amazon is offering a wide range of branded water bottles and flasks at great discounts up to 50% off to aid you in the process. So, explore the large selection of drink ware and get the best ones from brands like Tupperware, Signoraware, Cello, Milton, Lyra, and many others available at the best Amazon offers.

Sports water bottles

If you are a fitness freak, nothing is going to stop you from carry out your daily exercises to keep your body toned. Even the scorching sun is not going to have you compromising on your workout. It could be early morning walks, jogging, running, yoga, aerobics, or working out at the gym, your body is definitely going to get dehydrated soon. So, carry your energy drink in durable sports water bottles to recharge yourself instantly.

Foldable water bottles

When you are travelling or camping, and need to carry some water with you, let go off the normal plastic bottles, and opt for foldable water bottles instead. These can help you save on space, while avoiding the hassle of carrying it around. Fill these foldable bottles with water, have your drink, and roll it back when not in use.


Flasks are the most ideal bottles you can carry along. It may be hot piping tea or coffee, or chilled fruit juice, you can happily carry it along for hours together while keeping your beverage fresh and maintained at the temperature it had been poured in. These are the ideal solutions for both hot and cold beverages.

Plastic water bottles

You need to fill up your refrigerator with lots of water for your family and your guests. Don’t store your water in any plastic bottles that may degrade over time. Shop for branded bottles specially selected by Amazon like those from Cello, Tupperware, Signoraware, Princeware, and many others. These bottles also come in a variety of designs, shapes, sizes, and colours to make your refrigerator hold in style!

Ice cube trays

Who doesn’t love some ice with their juices and cold drinks during the summers? But, how about serving some fancy ice cubes to your guests to make them say “Wow!”? You must check out the latest silicone, plastics, and stainless steel ice cube trays available in a variety of shapes and designs, where you can build up ice cubes in big round spheres, or designs for your kids like fruity, starry, and many more! Although you may find these designer ice cube trays comparatively more expensive than the regular square shaped ones, but it won’t harm to impress your guests by investing a little more. However, you can shop for these cool trays with the Amazon coupons available on Discount Mantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store, to get them at discounted prices. So, stock up your freezer with cool designs and serve your guests in style!

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