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7 Comic Books You Must Read

Feb 27, 2017 DiscountMantra


With comic books occupying a good portion of TV and movies today, more and more people are wanting to read these books even more. But, with the industry coming up with dozens of books per week and thousands every year, it becomes impossible for readers to know where to begin with. This is why we have compiled a list of some of the best must-read comics, in no particular order, from great authors, so that you can invest your reading time to the best. To add to that, you will be delighted to know that you need not go up to a book store to issue any of these books because all of these are available online at the best Flipkart deals. So, all you have to do is order these books and have them delivered right at your doorstep! Moreover, you can shop with the Flipkart coupons available on Discount Mantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store - to grab all these books without burning a hole in your pocket.

Calvin and Hobbes


We all have been seeing Calvin and Hobbes comic strips in newspapers and magazines since childhood. It is one of those comics we all are familiar with. One of Bill Watterson’s beloved creations, Calvin and Hobbes is full of high quality wit and humour. The adventures of innocent 6 year old Calvin and his tiger Hobbes have been digging into different matters of the world in the most brilliant way, and have been successful at gaining popularity and love universally. You can get the complete set of four full-colour volumes of Calvin and Hobbes comics, and indulge in the exceptional craft and talent of Bill Watterson.

Complete Calvin and Hobbes (Paperback) | Price: Rs. 5399



Who doesn’t know the enlightened Gautam Buddha? We all know him as the great one who founded a religion that has a unique way to visualize humanity. But, how many of us know the pain and trials that made him become what we know of him today? This non-traditional biography of Gautam Buddha, written by the genius Osamu Tezuka, is what will let you know about the life of this great leader. This series may be bold and blunt, but it is also thoughtful, spiritual and inspiring.

The Buddha box set | Price: Rs. 2999



This Hugo Award- winning graphic novel, written by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons, is one of the most influential comic books of all times. It all begins with the suspicious fantasies of the half-insane hero, Rorschach. Escaping from the law, Rorschach reunites with his former teammates to save the world and the people’s lives. But, what they discover shocks them and changes the face of the planet! Don’t miss out on this informative and entertaining masterwork by Moore that is filled beautifully with metaphors, symbolism, and literary add-ons.

Watchmen  (Paperback) | Price: Rs. 1186



One of the rarest cases of a book that is titally appropriate for children and equally entertaining for adults is Jeff Smith’s Bone that is sure to touch your heart and make you laugh too. Beautifully combined humour, mystery and adventure, this saga is for dedicated to those who have left home for the first time only to find that the world is strange and overwhelming. With his simplistic art style and dialogue, Jeff Smith has crafted an epic that combines both fanciful humour and epic fantasy adventure!

Bone 20th anniversary full color one volume | Price: Rs. 7623

The Invisibles (Series)


This saga by Grant Morrison is about a single cell working for The Invisible College, a secret organization that fights against physical and psychic tyranny. It is a work that deals with subjects of alien invasions, tantric sex and drug use that makes it a smashing masterpiece. Those looking for digging deep into the grubby and sleazy corners of the comic book world should make sure to go through The Invisibles series.

Sandman (Series)


Written by Neil Gaiman, the Sandman is one of the finest achievements in graphic storytelling. Gaiman has successfully created an unforgettable tale of forces that exist beyond life and death. The story revolves around Morpheus, who after his 70 year imprisonment and eventual escape goes on a quest for his lost objects of power. On his journey, he encounters Lucifer, John Constantine and an all-powerful madman. He also travels to different dimensions and time periods, struggling to find the relationship between humans and reality. Don’t miss out on the finest Sandman Series written by one of the most respected authors, even today.

Y: The Last Man (Series)


Winner of three Eisner Awards and one of the most critically acclaimed best-selling comics – Y: The Last Man – is a rare example of a combination of humour, surprise, suspense, and heartbreak. Written by Brian K. Vaugham with the art of Pia Guerra, this is the story of Yorick Brown – the last surviving man after a mysterious plague destroys the world’s entire male population. Yorick, then along with his pet monkey, embarks upon a journey to find out the source of the plague and the reason behind him still being alive. Make sure you read through the entire Y: The Last Man Series to indulge into this amazing and surprising journey.

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