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A Style Guide for Men’s Printed Shirts

Dec 28, 2015 DiscountMantra

Dec 28, 2015 Fashion & Health


Prints have been a centre of men's fashion lately. Men are gradually being attracted to prints and want to include some or the other printed apparel in their outfit. Men have started to wear printed shirts on almost every occasion - casual or formal. The right kind of prints for the right occasion makes them look stylish and fashionable, giving their wardrobe a variety, other than the always common solid colours, stripes and checks. If you haven't yet opened up to prints, you should start experimenting with your looks and get rid of your old dull look. You can see every high street store offering printed shirts today. Even top brands are providing a variety of prints. Check out the different prints you need to experiment with. Given along with the list are some suggestions for shirts that are available at great Fashionara offers.

Polka dots


Trendy and sophisticated, once seen in the retro, polka dots have made a comeback. A subtle way of starting with experimenting prints for those who don't want to carry flashy and bold prints.

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Tiny all over prints

One step further towards bold prints. Once you are comfortable with the polka dots, shift to this design, where you have a simple tiny motif (umbrella, dog, bird, moustache, hand print, etc.) printed all over the shirt. This design is for those who want variety but still do not want to try bold prints.


Price: Rs. 448; Buy it here


Price: Rs. 550; Buy it here


Price: Rs. 550; Buy it here


This is a design where different blocks of colours form a pattern on the shirt. A subtle yet distinguishing design to stand out from the others and look trendy.


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Geometric prints

Geometric prints add variety with a subtle and manly taste. Shapes like circles, squares, rectangles and triangles are unisex motifs.

Floral prints

This is a design that very few men would want to experiment with. With flowers and leaves, some men find it feminine. But, this is not so. If you have the right attitude and style, and you pair up these shirts with the perfect ensemble, you are definitely going to win over the others in terms of style.


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Now, you need to say 'Yes' to confidence and 'No' to awkwardness. Prints are fun and exciting, in whatever form they may be. If you are not sure of how you should assemble them with other apparels and accessories, we are here to help you. We understand that prints can be tricky at times but, they make a great fashion statement too. Here are some suggestions on how you can flaunt printed shirts on almost every occasion.

Casual day out

Wear a button-down shirt or one with a mandarin collar in polka dots or blocks print in shades of blue, black or maroon with beige or grey bottoms and a pair of casual shoes. Tuck your shirt in or wear out a short shirt. You can also team up this type of shirt with a white tee inside and jeans for a perfect casual look.

Holiday mood

This is where florals will do their job. A short-sleeved short length floral printed shirt with light coloured comfortable pants and a pair of sandals will give you the most relaxed and fresh feel on a holiday. Replace the pants with shorts and sandals with flip-flops if you are going to the beach or water park.

Night out

Night outs will want you to look bold, daring and stylish. Geometrical prints will work best here. Tuck in your shirt with a pair of dark coloured and slim fit denims and a blazer to complete the ensemble with formal shoes.

Informal business meeting

If you have an informal business meeting where you can be a little relaxed and yet look professional, you can go in for a light printed shirt with tiny motifs all over, worn over formal trousers or chinos. Team it with a blazer for giving yourself a professional look. 

You see, it isn't that tricky after all. Printed shirts are trendy and easy to wear, making a huge difference to your appearance. All you need to do is shop for the shirt that suits you right and pair it up with the right ensemble and confidence within yourself. Shop for printed shirts with Fashionara promo codes to get great discounts. You can avail these codes at DiscountMantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

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