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All About Women Fashion Queries This Valentine’s Day At LimeRoad

Feb 10, 2016 DiscountMantra

Feb 10, 2016 Fashion & Health


Men always say they can never understand women and have always raised a question – what do women really want? LimeRoad decided to give an answer to this question this Valentine’s week. It has answered some of the fashion queries about women that not only men have been confused about but also those that have kept women bewildered. And, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, women are definitely confused more than ever as to what to shop for and how to dress up on the special V-Day.

LimeRoad has very beautifully answered the most common fashion queries in the form of pie-charts, stating the percentages of all categories, showing you which category you fall in to help you shop better. Take a look.

What's your wardrobe must-haves?


LimeRoad suggests 5 wardrobe must-haves for women. Check and shop for the must-have that you still don’t have in your wardrobe. LimeRoad categorizes these apparels in percentages from 12 to 28 as follows.

28% little black dress

22% fit and flare dresses

22% jeans

16% crop tops

12% sarees

What colour will make you date ready?


Going for a date this Valentine’s? You definitely want the perfect Valentine’s Day dressing – a new dress, gown, top, skirt or anything else that is in trend on your special day, rather than the one you already have in your wardrobe. Pick out your favourite colour from the list of date-ready colours and check out the awesome collections you can’t even think of!

37% blacks for the sexy you

22% reds for the looks to kill

15% pinks for an ode to womanhood

13% blues for your royalty

8% pastels for the charming you

5% metallics for the shimmering you

What sort of shopper are you?


If you always look for price tags while you shop, then the 51% ‘budget collection’ is for you where you can get some cool designs that are below the range of Rs. 999, to make your day. You would love to shop with additional and exclusive LimeRoad discounts for getting great benefits on your bills.

If you want some quality apparels but, you aren’t a spendthrift, then the 39% ‘splurge collection’ is for you where you can shop for a variety of branded apparels ranging from Rs. 999 to Rs. 2999.

If budget is not what you think about and all you want is the best name in the fashion industry, you have got to shop from the 10% ‘luxury collection’ where lie collections from top names like Ritu Kumar, Red Couture and more.

What do you like shopping for the most?


25% women love shopping for the bestselling dresses

24% women want to have a large collection of jeans and other fashion bottoms

20% women shop for the bestselling tops

18% women would love to try and experiment with new tops and dresses

15% women would love to shop online for the latest sexy lingerie

What does sexy date night shopping mean to you?


If you are going for a sexy date night this Valentine’s Day, you might be wondering what all to shop for. Is it the dress or the heels or innerwear? Whatever you are looking for, check out the great collection at LimeRoad for all these options, and shop with the latest LimeRoad coupons available at DiscountMantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

35% women would love to invest in gorgeous party dresses

25% women would opt for sizzling bodycons to look chic and sexy

22% women would want to buy the sexiest heels to be able to dance their night through with their partner

16% women would want to feel beautiful from within by wearing the best lingerie

What trends are you loving in 2016?


Fashion trends keep changing. New fashions come and go, and you have to stay in trend if you want to impress. LimeRoad is offering exclusive fashion pieces to help you stay in any of the four latest trends that 2016 is going to see. Choose from which category you want to fit yourself in.

33% Bohemian style apparels, jewellery and bags

32% rose quartz apparels in both western and ethnic wear types

20% fringed style western wear, winter wear, lingerie, bags and footwear

15% minimal jewellery for party wear, casual wear and festive wear

Which bag style are you most likely to carry every day?


Choose from your own style of bags from LimeRoad. Whether it is handbags (29%), totes (28%), clutches (22%) or sling bags (21%), shop for whatever feels comfortable and is appropriate for your daily requirements.

What's your favourite accessory this season?


Women love to carry lots of accessories that go well with their attire. Whether a matching one or contrast, they have to look good and updated. Whether you belong to the 50% women who have to carry a bag with them no matter what or the 20% women who want to boost their look with trendy jewellery or 15% women who want to sport the best footwear and eyewear, you can do all your favourite accessories shopping at LimeRoad.

What does your Valentine's Day dressing look like?


How do you want to dress this Valentine’s? Is your partner taking you to a sexy prom night or a casual lunch? Look your best for the occasion by shopping for apparels, footwear, jewellery, handbags and more categorized into four categories that suit your personality and your date plan the best.

42% sexy collection for the seductive prom night

30% classic collection for the high-end dinner date

15% casual collection for the relaxed lunch or coffee treats

13% rebel collection for an adventure-filled date

Which celebrity inspires your style the most?


Almost every woman has a celebrity that inspires her. So, who is your role model? LimeRoad has collections inspired by four leading ladies of the Bollywood film industry. Check where you fit in.

55% women follow the ravishing Deepika Padukone

20% women follow the sporty and casual Alia Bhatt

13% women follow the sensuous and stylish Priyanka Chopra

12% women follow the glamorous Sonam Kapoor

What will you buy if you are having a candle-lit dinner for two at home?


If there is no going out on Valentine’s and you want to spend the perfect secret date at home with your partner, you would want to redo the theme of your home for the special day. Buy new bed linen or Valentine-special cushions and pillows. Buy scented candlesticks to boost up the romantic mood even more. Buy new dinnerware or barware and glassware to drink the night away and have a feast!

With almost all your fashion queries answered, you are sure to have the best dressed Valentine’s Day this year!


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