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Jul 5, 2016 DiscountMantra

Jul 5, 2016 Fashion & Health, News


Teenage is the time when both girls and boys need to take great care of their body. It is the time when they want to look their best but, at the same time face hormonal changes, due to which many of them start facing skin issues, hair issues and much more. To help teens overcome these issues and look pretty, Amazon has come up with a special Teen Beauty Store, where it offers amazing products from top brands that can take care of their skin, hair and beauty effectively.

Keep your skin clean


For a healthy skin that is free from oil, acne, blemishes and blackheads, you need a good beauty care regimen. You can keep your skin clean, hydrated and protected with the products available at this store so that your skin is away from all tskin issues faced by a majority of teens. Shop for cleansers, toners, scrubs and masks available at great Amazon deals and beat skin issues right away!

Pamper your body


Why spend huge amounts in beauty parlours and spas when you can pamper yourself with the best products at home itself? There is an extensive collection of shower gels, moisturizing soaps, bath salts, body scrubs, body butters and loofahs that will help keep your skin pampered and moisturized and promises a soft supple skin just like you want it to be!

Protect your hair


You look great the day you wash your hair. But, just after a day or two, it’s a bad hair day for you. You can’t keep washing your hair every day to make them look great. So, you must shop for the hair care products available at the Amazon Teen Beauty Store that will bring you beautiful, healthy hair every day. The list includes shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, hair serums, combs and heat protection.

Get your hands and feet right


You don’t need to go to the parlour every time to get your manicure and pedicure done. Do it at home all by yourself with the manicure and pedicure kits available at this store. Other things that you may need include foot and nail cream, hand cream, scrub, nail polish remover and nail colours, which are all available too.

Moisturize daily


No matter what your skin type is, moisturizing is one important step in your beauty regime. Shop for oil-free products if you have an oily skin but, do not skip this step at all. Invest in the best cleansers, lightweight moisturizers and body lotions to suit your skin type and have a healthy glowing skin.

Try makeup


As a teen, you need to keep your makeup fresh and light. Go for natural or bright shades. Avoid dark shades at this age. Every teen girl should own some basic makeup like BB/CC creams, blushes, translucent powder, lip balms, mil gloss, coloured kajal, eye shadows and mascaras. Get all of this at the best Amazon deals.

Adorn your nails


Girls have a crazy fantasy of decorating their nails in different ways when they start going to college. Get the best gel polishes, top coats, base coats and matt nail polishes to decorate your nails. Along with that, shop for nail art products, nail polish removers and nail thickeners too.

Smell fresh and beautiful

It’s vital that you always smell fresh when you are around with someone. This is the age when you will be going around a lot with your friends, or may be going on dates with your boyfriend. Smell fresh and beautiful always by carrying along your favourite scent in the form of deodorants, roll-ons and perfumes in your purse.

Experiment with your looks


Hair is the first thing you can experiment with to bring you a whole new look. Don’t be afraid to experiment. If you are scared about damaging your hair, don’t be! Get funky hair colours that are safe to use and help in conditioning your hair at the same time. You can also shop for everyday hair essentials like brushes, combs, hair clips, hair pins and hair dryers to keep your hair away from tangles. Apart from that, get yourself braiders, curling irons, diffusers, hair rollers, hair stylers, straighteners and other hair styling accessories to bring you a new look everyday! If you think your budget won’t let you shop for all these expensive equipment, you must shop with the Amazon offers available at DiscountMantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store so that you can get great discounts on your bills. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

For the cool dudes

Do you boys think you have been left out? Not at all! Amazon brings a separate section for the cool dudes, where you can shop for all your skin care products, fragrances, shavers, trimmers and hair gels at exclusive Amazon deals.

  • Choose from a wide range of skin care products including face washes, moisturizers, lip balms and after-shave products.
  • Shaving might be a new activity for you. You may cut and bruise yourself or generate redness and rashes due to sensitivity. Make sure to shop for after shave treatments, hair removal creams, razor blades, shaving creams, soothing lotions, trimmers, clippers and electric shavers to help make the activity easy for you and comfortable for your skin.
  • Style your hair with the best creams, gels and lotions to strike a great impression on your favourite girl in college!
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