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Amazon’s Baby Shower Store

Jan 6, 2016 DiscountMantra


We have seen online stores providing a range of baby products and maternity products. But, have you seen an online baby shower store yet? If not, you will now be able to see one. Amazon's Baby Shower Store is here to guide you for a perfect baby shower celebration. See what all it has to offer for the special day.

If you are going for a friend's or relative's baby shower, you want to give her the best gift that would not only bring a smile to her face but, will also be useful to her when she has her baby. Check out the exclusive range of gift products available at exclusive Amazon discounts, from which you can select the most appropriate one for the mother-to-be.

Gifts for the Baby

Baby Products


A new born baby requires utmost care and affection from everyone around. A mother would want to give her baby the best of everything. Why not give a helping hand by gifting her baby care products, diapering essentials or nursing and feeding requirements from the best of brands who take great care of the quality of their products? You can also gift beautiful bedding, furniture and room decor supplies to help decorate the baby's room for his/her arrival. Or what about gifting something that is durable and will be useful when the baby grows up? Like strollers, prams, playmats, floor gyms, walkers, bouncers, swings and more.

Baby toys


Babies and toddlers are meant to play all day long. They want new and attractive toys to keep them busy and away from crying. Gift the lady some beautiful toys from a huge collection of bath toys, soft toys and sound toys or from a range of bricks and blocks, hammering toys, climbers, pull along toys, rocking toys, ride-ons and more that the baby will play with when he grows older enough to handle himself.

Nursery décor


Help the parents of the baby to decorate the baby's nursery by gifting them borders, curtains, pictures, picture frames, height charts, lighting, cot mobiles, rugs, carpets and wall stickers to make the room bright, attractive and lively.

Baby apparel


Choose from cute and adorable designs in baby clothing including Tshirts, bottoms, girl dresses, jackets, rompers and more in comfortable fabrics like cotton, denim, corduroy, velvet and wool. Other party clothes in rayons, satins, sequins, silks and synthetics are available too. Buy a pair of cute baby shoes and booties to match the apparel.

Books and rhymes


Parents now want their babies to start learning as soon as they can. Help them to bring up an active child by gifting them from a wide variety of books including those which teach numbers, alphabets, words and rhymes. There are also a number of picture books, colouring books, sticker books and fairy tales to choose from. You can also gift them nursery rhymes which they can listen to grasp the music faster.

Gifts for the Mother-to-be

Mother's nutrition


A mother needs to take the most care of herself when she is pregnant. There is a lot to be taken care of. You can gift her some health and personal care products or sexual wellness products to help keep her safe and protected. Gift her from the diet and nutrition range to make her stay healthy so that she can deliver an even healthier baby.

Health products and guides


Provide the lady with healthcare tools and accessories, medical supplies and equipment, personal care appliances and skin care products. You can also gift her pregnancy guides and workout DVDs to help her know how she needs to take care of herself better. There is also a wide range of maternity books available on topics like healthy living, wellness, medicine, children, food and drinks, etc. that can help her too.

Maternity clothing


A mother-to-be requires comfortable clothing to let her and the baby breathe comfortably. Amazon offers a special maternity clothing section including ethnic wear, shirts, tops and tees ranging in sizes from 5XS to 5XL. These clothes are presented by Uzazi in comfortable fabrics like cotton, denim, linen and synthetics.



Present the beautiful mother-to-be with jewellery and cosmetics to add to the beauty she gets from her natural radiance. Shop from an exclusive collection of earrings, necklaces, rings, jewellery sets, body oils, shower products, make-up, nail paints, perfumes, skin care products, hair care products and more.

Planning the perfect baby shower


Amazon not only provides gifts for the baby and mother but, also guides you on how you can plan a perfect baby shower. It gives you tips and guidelines for the same and also provides a variety of invitation cards, baby shower decoration, baby shower props and party supplies.

You wouldn't have a problem planning for a baby shower or buying gifts for the occasion now. Shop from all the fascinating products mentioned above with Amazon coupon codes available at DiscountMantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store, for additional discounts. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

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