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Beard Or Moustache – Get Your Fix This November With Amazon

Nov 7, 2016 DiscountMantra

Nov 7, 2016 Fashion & Health


Are you the beard or moustache type? Not sure yet? This blog will help you find out. Read ahead.

Guys who really want to keep their mane maintained require the best-in-class trimmers, clippers, gels, creams and more. You can get the best quality trimmers and clippers from leading brands like Philips, Panasonic, Nova, Gillette and many others at exclusive Amazon offers. Instead of going to expensive salons and paying a good amount of money for getting your hair and beard trimmed, it is advisable to purchase a quality electric trimmer and clipper so that you can do the job yourself conveniently at home without having to pay a hefty amount! This means that you can now turn professional right at home by getting your hands on the best trimming kit. If you are afraid of operating such electronics on your own, you can rest assured that these appliances are designed in a way to prevent overheating of the unit; thus no damage done to the skin and no shaving accidents, while they can be conveniently used. You can choose from cordless trimmers/clippers or those with a cord. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, widths and lengths.

What is your moustache style?

Although you may think that every trimmer or clipper may perform the same function, but there lies a difference in the way they cut hair and in their grooming functionalities. Listed below are some of the trendiest varieties of moustaches and beards you can choose from with suggestions to get the most appropriate appliances to style your beard.

  • Detective – For the crime solving man: You can be the perfect 80’s detective with the ‘Detective’ moustache and a classic close shave.
  • Connoisseur – For the sophisticated man: This is the don of moustaches! Everybody wants it, but little achieve it. Use a moustache wax and the perfect trimmers to help curl up the ends.
  • Handle bar – For the classic man: To achieve this moustache, you'll need a great groomer, some moustache wax and a little patience.
  • Major – For the no-fuss man: This is a nice and simple style for those that don’t have masses of facial fuzz. You can use a great beard trimmer to get started with this style.

Choose from the list of appliances and basics required to achieve your most preferred look.


A special collection of shavers, trimmers, gels and creams to help you have the perfect Detective style are also available.

What kind of beard do you want to sport?


You aren’t satisfied with only a moustache? Looking for the perfect beard to suit your style? Remember that a beard is a mark of distinction, character and ruggedness, which is why you definitely need to get it right. To help you, here are the latest Amazon India Fashion Week Summer Spring 2017 beard trends that you can follow to stay in style! Choose from full beard, duck tail Arabian beard, stubble, goatee, extended goatee, short boxed beard, The Blue Collar and The Balboo.


Apart from providing you with superior quality beard essentials including shampoos, beard growth basics, waxes, balms and trimmers, Amazon also brings you suggestions on how to grow a beard faster and better. Make sure to follow these simple steps to ‘Wow’ the girls around you!

Other than this, you also have a perfect self grooming guide, facial hair tips, and advices to tame your mane.

So you have got the perfect look to suit your face and personality. But, what about keeping it maintained? Unless you keep a close eye and make some time to have your style maintained, you can’t keep up with that perfect look. This is why you must choose from the finest manual shaving electronics, trimmers and clippers, electric shavers and facial hair care basics to help make the job easy and inexpensive. You can shop with the Amazon coupons available at Discount Mantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store to help you have a pocket-friendly buy. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.


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