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Beautiful Sarees You Just Can’t Miss

Sep 30, 2015 DiscountMantra

Sep 30, 2015 Fashion & Health

cant-miss-sareesA saree is the most elegant Indian clothing that has been in fashion ever since. Trends have been changing, drapes have been changing but, sarees remain a favourite of every Indian woman. Some wear it every day, some wear it only on occasions but, it is one of the favourite clothing items of every Indian woman. And not only Indians, even foreigners love to wear the Indian saree!

Whether you are a daily saree wearer or an occasional one, you will want your wardrobe to have the best of them. These days, women are opting for light-weight sarees rather than the heavy embroidered and hand-worked ones. We bring to you an awe-inspiring list of simple yet attractive sarees from top online stores. Take a look.


cant-miss-sarees-floralFlorals have been a favourite of every woman - small intricate flowers to medium blooming flowers to large bold ones. Whatever your choice maybe, its all in the sarees too! Check out these cool sarees that are light-in-weight and so pleasant to look at - perfect for the summers. The calm beige with red flowers, the pink and red saree with a white and red floral pallu, and the peach and blue saree with a multi-coloured floral border - don't you wish to buy all of these!

Tantuja Beige Handloom Silk Saree
Price: Rs. 3889; Buy it here

Vaamsi Red & White Chiffon Saree
Price: Rs. 425; Buy it here

Brijraj Multi-colour Faux Georgette Saree
Price: Rs. 1750; Buy it here


cant-miss-sarees-black-and-whiteBlack and white never seems to go out of fashion ever. Even though it is considered as retro but, this classic combination is one that will make you stand out of the crowd every time. These sarees with exclusive prints, in georgettes, satins and crapes are sure to make you look sensational!

Vaamsi Faux Georgette Saree
Price: Rs. 399; Buy it here

Amayra Art Crepe Saree
Price: Rs. 1099; Buy it here

MangalShree White Satin And Georgette Saree
Price: Rs. 1699; Buy it here


cant-miss-sarees-pinkPink is a colour every woman loves. It adds to the beauty and femininity of a lady when she is clad in pink. Check out these beautiful sarees in shocking pinks that will make heads turn around wherever you go. The pink and beige floral saree will make you look ravishing with its chic and contemporary style. The pink saree with a thick netted lace and a beautifully embroidered blouse is so elegant and attractive! The pink and purple coloured saree is just perfect to add a look of royalty to your style.

Pink Beige Georgette Saree
Price: Rs. 1295; Buy it here

Shoponbit Pink Georgette Saree with embroidered blouse
Price: Rs. 1899; Buy it here

VedDeal Pink Georgette Saree
Price: Rs. 1750; Buy it here


cant-miss-sarees-colorful-and-vibrant'Great combinations of bright lively colours will make you look bubbly, fun-loving & full of life. Perfect for any occasion, day or night, these sarees are definitely going to make other women envy you.

Bansidhar Orange Georgette Saree
Price: Rs. 1799; Buy it here

Preminternational Bhagalpuri Silk Saree
Price: Rs. 348; Buy it here

V&V Orange Silk Saree
Price: Rs. 1989; Buy it here


cant-miss-sarees-dazziling-whiteHave you seen the actresses dressed in perfect dazzling white sarees in the movies dancing in the rain, and wished you could look as beautiful too? Then, here we have shortlisted some of the best white sarees for you. Choose from these simple and elegant white sarees that will add a touch of beauty and serenity to your wardrobe.

Aarohii Georgette Saree
Price: Rs. 1199; Buy it here

Saree Swarg Chiffon Saree
Price: Rs. 990; Buy it here

Roop Kashish Cotton Saree
Price: Rs. 1599; Buy it here


cant-miss-sarees-checksChecks have been a favourite in the South. And, stripes have been an evergreen. These geometric shapes have become a trend is sarees too. It gives you a sophisticated look to adorn these simple and solid shapes. Choose from your own style - pastel handwoven or bold cotton or a colourful georgette.

Jharcraft Checkered Handloom Silk Saree
Price: Rs. 6499; Buy it here

Miraan Stripes Cotton Saree
Price: Rs. 1249; Buy it here

Abu Jani Georgette Saree
Price: Rs. 2499; Buy it here

So many varieties to choose from. So, what is your pick?

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