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The Best Sunday Brunch Outfits You Must Own!

Mar 29, 2017 DiscountMantra

Mar 29, 2017 Fashion & Health


Sunday mornings are definitely the laziest ones of the week for most of us. We all love waking up late on Sundays and enjoying our entire day either relaxing at home, or going for a movie with friends, or munching on delicacies out of home. Waking up late almost ends us having brunches, rather than a proper breakfast and lunch. If you are planning a brunch with your friends and family out of home, you need to put on an outfit that goes best with the mood. Do you not know how to dress up just fine for a brunch-out? You can now make a style statement with a new look every Sunday with these amazing brunch outfit ideas! Shop for all these styles available at the best Myntra offers from top brands in the industry, and don’t worry about the bills. You can also shop with the Myntra coupons available on Discount Mantra – India’s best online offers and coupons store – to fill up your wardrobe with all these styles without breaking the bank! You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

Hot pants

Let the Sunday brunch be a lazy and relaxing one with a pair of relaxing shorts or hot pants


that show off your skin and make you look all comfortable and stress-free. Pair them up with casual striped T-shirts


to add to the carefree look, or cute spaghetti tops


for the instant chic vibe. Team the attire with a pair of sneakers, bellies, or flip-flops, anything that goes well for your feet.

Shirt dress

No mood or no time to dress up? The shirt dress


is the best option when you can opt for that won’t need you to dress up, and yet make you look stylish. Pair it up with white sneakers; wrap up your hair in a casual messy bun; and there! You are ready!


Jumpsuits are one of the most in-things today, and they can be confidently worn for a Sunday brunch too. If you choose a place that really requires you to dress up, there can be no better option than a printed jumpsuit


for a Sunday brunch. Wear these jumpsuits with attractive heels or pumps, and grab the attention of all those around you.



can be the next best thing you can wear to a Sunday brunch after a jumpsuit. Choose from your favourite colour and length and pair it with your choice of slim fit sleeveless tops


or full sleeves slim fit T-shirts.


Sexy skirts

How about a sexy little skirt


to show off your femininity, worn with a crop top


and a pair of ballerinas? Just the perfect attire for those with a flawless body willing to show off their curves!


You can go Bohemian this season for a happy and bright mood. Opt for your preferred dress length, silhouette, neck style, sleeves, and other options, but make sure you include a Bohemian dress


into your wardrobe for completing your latest trend collection.

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