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Oct 20, 2015 DiscountMantra

Oct 20, 2015 Baby & Kids


Babyoye, one of the leading online stores for purchasing all the requirements for your little ones, brings you the latest accessories for babycare in great designs from top brands to make taking care of your baby easier. You can shop for products in various categories that fall into the nursing and home section. To make shopping easier for you, Babyoye provides different categories for different age groups. It lets you select your baby's age group right from newborns to a few months to initial years to a young kid's age. It also categorizes its products into a girls and a boys section. This lets you refine your search and reach the best suitable product list for your little ones. Buy all baby nursery and kids accessories online at great Babyoye discounts.

Wall art

Its your first baby and you want to decorate his/her room to the best. It is going to be a big event for you to decorate your first baby's room. To increase the pleasure, Babyoye brings a wide range of creative room decor ideas. Choose from a list of themed wall decals, wall stickers, chalkboard stickers, height charts and stick-and-peel mirrors.

Room accessories

Now that you are done with choosing for the walls, its time you choose from a list of innovative bedroom accessories to bring style to your little one's room. These products will not only add style but, will also bring comfort to your child. Select from a wide assortment of bedding, mattresses, blankets, quilts, pillows and cushions. Other elements that will enhance the look of the room include photoframes, piggy banks, wall clocks, table clocks, carpets, curtains and more.

Nursery accessories

Our nursery accessories include everything you would need for your baby - care sheets, protector sheets, crib toys, sleeping bags, play gyms, wrappers, night lights, play mats, diaper stackers and more.


We bring to you the best furniture for your kids to provide them perfect support, great comfort, yet taking care of their delicate body structure. Our baby furniture range includes play yards, bassinets, tables, chairs, seating, booster seats, high chairs, study table sets, cradles, cribs, cots, beds, wardrobe, shelves and picnic tables.

Bathroom accessories

Once you have a baby in your family, it is even more important to have a healthier and cleaner bathroom. Avoid unhygienic conditions that are unfit for your baby. Children are much more prone to infections and diseases as compared to adults. To bring in healthier habits into your young ones, we provide you a range of bathroom accessories, which will help keep your bathroom products assorted and also let your little one learn how to keep things in place. Choose from our range of baby towels, bath toys, soap dish and dispensers, toilet seats, potty trainers, shower caps, buckets, tubs, anti-skid mats and more.

Cleaning accessories

Just as much as keeping a clean bathroom is essential for your child, even providing the right cleaning accessories is important. Select from a collection of bottle cleaners, liquid detergents, powder detergents, cleaning gloves, cleaning cloths and vegetable cleaning solutions.

Feeding accessories

You might be having a tough time getting your kids to eat. But, you could turn your child's meals into fun-time by using a collection of fun-filled feeding accessories. Shop from our themed and patterned colourful sippers, cups, bowls, plates, cutlery and feeding mats.


It is obvious that your kid's addition to your family will bring a whole lot of things into your house. Where do you put all this stuff when you don't have enough space? You might get frustrated with all the mess around. Don't worry. We provide the best solutions to keep your baby essentials and belonging organized with our storage equipment that include toy storage, food storage, accessories storage and toiletries storage. These will not only keep everything organized but, will also add colours to your child's room with its amazing designs.


The lighting in your kid's room is one of the very important elements. The right amount of lighting is important to not be so bright to take away sleep from your child's eyes as well as soft enough to make the room appear less scary for your child in the dark. Babyoye brings to you great colourful stylish nightlights and lamps in captivating designs and intriguing shapes.

Do you now agree that you can get all your baby needs from Babyoye? Shop from all the above mentioned products and an endless list from the best of brands including 1st Step, Mee Mee, Abracadabra, Fisher Price, Graco, Stephen Joseph and many more. To take advantage of getting all these products at great deals and discounts, you can visit DiscountMantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store to avail Babyoye coupon codes. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

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