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Buy Ganesh Chaturthi Gifts Online

Sep 6, 2015 DiscountMantra

ganesh-gifts-onlineGanesh Chaturthi is a Hindu festival celebrated in honour of Lord Ganesha. During this festival, people bring idols of GaneshJi home and worship it extensively with great devotion. Gifts are exchanged during this festival. Take this opportunity and buy some of the best Ganesh Chaturthi gifts for your loved ones at reasonable prices. We have shortlisted some of the most appropriate and beautiful gifts that RediffShopping and IndiatimesShopping offers.


ganesh-gifts-idolsThis is the best and most common gift that people exchange not only during Ganesh Chaturthi but, also during any auspicious event. Select from beautiful sculptures made in different materials like silver, gold, fiber, brass, copper, resin and marble. Here are some amazing idols you should check out.

  1. Black and silver GaneshJi from Jpearls
    Price: Rs. 1650; Buy it here
  1. Silver, red and green LaxmiJi-GaneshJi from Jpearls
    Price: Rs. 1450; Buy it here
  1. GaneshJi on 'Singhasan' made in fiber with stone finish and intricate work
    Price: Rs. 359; Buy it here
  1. 'Panchmukhi GaneshJi' in brass
    Price: Rs. 899; Buy it here
  1. Gold plated GaneshJi
    Price: Rs. 115; Buy it here
  1. Red copper GaneshJi from Adler And Roth
    Price: Rs. 6800; Buy it here
  1. Colourful brass GaneshJi
    Price: Rs. 42,500; Buy it here


ganesh-gifts-adrobaleYou can also gift cute adorable contemporary idols of GaneshJi rather than the above mentioned traditional ones. You can get colourful resin idols of Lord Ganesha sitting on a 'charpai' in different postures.

  1. Price: Rs. 1199; Buy it here
  2. Price: Rs. 1199; Buy it here


ganesh-gifts-frameInstead of sculptures, you can also gift GaneshJi frames made in pure gold or pure silver that come with authentication certificates of purity.

  1. Pure Silver Ganesh Frame
    Price: Rs. 525; Buy it here
  1. Pure Gold Ganesh Frame
    Price: Rs. 2985; Buy it here


ganesh-gifts-pendantGift beautiful gold pendants studded with diamonds from Jpearls, a beautiful ornament that will be loved by any woman or girl, you gift it to.

  1. Price: Rs. 9300; Buy it here
  2. Price: Rs. 9300; Buy it here
  3. Price: Rs. 11,000; Buy it here


ganesh-gifts-coinsGaneshJi is worshipped to remove all obstacles and LaxmiJi is worshipped for wealth and prosperity. Gift these coins to your loved ones, wishing them a life full of comfort, heath, wealth and prosperity.

  1. Panchadhatu Shri Laxmi Ganesh Coin
    Price: Rs. 999; Buy it here
  1. Set Of 4 silver plated Shri Laxmi Ganesh coins
    Price: Rs. 199; Buy it here


ganesh-gifts-yantraYantras are as auspicious as coins. You can gift any of these Ganesh or Laxmi Yantras wishing your loved ones good fortune with the hope that they will prosper in every phase of life.

  1. Price: Rs. 250; Buy it here
  2. Price: Rs. 501; Buy it here


ganesh-gifts-pooja-thaliA pooja thali is the most essential element of worship for a Hindu. Gifting any of these useful and beautifully designed thalis will show your care and concern.

  1. Silver finished thali set
    This set of an agarbatti stand, diya, bell, spoon, glass, bowls for kumkum and rice, Ganeshji statue and LaxmiJi statue placed in a 9 inch thali is a beautiful choice.
    Price: Rs. 748; Buy it here
  1. White metal thali with silver coating including Ganeshji statue, LaxmiJi statue and a diya.
    Price: Rs. 699; Buy it here
  1. Silver Ganesh pooja thali from Jpearls
    Price: Rs. 8100; Buy it here


ganesh-gifts-hangingsPeople hang certain auspicious hangings on their walls or at their entrances to bring positive energy into their home. you can gift any of these GaneshJi or 'ShubhLabh' hangings to your dear ones.

  1. Oxidised Lakshmi-Ganesh wall hanging
    Price: Rs. 199; Buy it here
  2. Subh Labh With Ganesh In Metal - Small
    Price: Rs. 450; Buy it here
  3. Subh Labh With Ganesh In Centre -metal - Small
    Price: Rs. 450; Buy it here

You have the options of giving many other gifts like rudraksh, gemstones, diyas, Ganesha carved in betel nuts, incense sticks and cones, Ganesha car stands and more. You can get all this and much more at discounted rates by availing IndiatimesShopping Coupons and RediffShopping Coupons at DiscountMantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

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