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Buy The Ideal Refrigerator With This Perfect Buying Guide!

Apr 24, 2017 DiscountMantra

Apr 24, 2017 Mobiles & Electronics


Refrigerators are one big necessity in every big and small kitchen now. Earlier, buying a refrigerator was as easy as choosing between a single door and double door, but today things have really gone too complicated! Refrigerator manufacturers are going way out to bring out the best of their products. Competing in this throat-cutting battle, every brand is redefining the functions of their products to provide their customers with functions like never before! This has made it very confusing for buyers to choose the ideal model that can suit their requirements. And with the summer heat dehydrating you, you may also be looking out for the latest branded refrigerator that can fit well within your family. So, if you are as confused as anyone else, this refrigerator buying guide is what you need. Go through this guide and learn about the important things you need to check for before buying a fridge online. Yes, we said “online”! Definitely, buying a large appliance online may make you feel hesitant and unsure. But, when you decide to do so from a list of refrigerators available at the best Flipkart deals, you can be sure that you are in safe hands. So, worry no more! Make your choice with the help of this guide and shop for your ideal fridge with the Flipkart coupons available at Discount Mantra – India’s best online offers and coupons store, to get great discounts on your purchase. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.


The first and foremost thing you must know is the size of your fridge. You need to first decide upon where you would be placing the fridge and check for the maximum dimensions that the space will allow. There’s no point in getting the best fridge available and then fretting about how to get in inside the house and the kitchen. Consider the ground clearance, door opening space, ventilation cap, and every other possible aspect.


Next, you need to analyze the size of your family. Wondering what that has got to do with refrigerator buying? It’s simple. The more people requiring a fridge, the bigger fridge you will need. If you are living alone or with a partner,

small-refrigerator-at-flipkartthe smallest fridge would do. If you are a family of three or four, you would at least need a regular sized refrigerator.


However, if your family is bigger, living as a joint family, you need to opt for a huge sized fridge.



Just as important is the size of the family, equally important is the consideration of your shopping and cooking habits. If you are one who stocks up lots of items for longer intervals, you will need a fridge with extra capacity. If frozen foods are what you depend upon, or if you preserve lots of cooked meals, you need to look for a fridge with larger storage capacity. On the other hand, if you believe in shopping regularly and eating fresh food, a smaller capacity will suffice. You can choose your refrigerator by narrowing your search by capacity options like up to 200 liters,


200 to 250 liters,


250 to 300 liters,


300 to 350 liters,

300-to-350-liters-refrigeratorand above 350 liters.



The very basic refrigerators that were first manufactured and are still available today are the single door refrigerators.


Next came the double door refrigerators.


These have two options to choose from. First is the basic top freezer that is best option if price, range, efficiency, and value are what you are looking for. Another option is the bottom freezer that brings the advantage of easily storing and reaching your everyday necessities without bending down, because the freezer is at the bottom and fridge above.

Today, side-by-side door refrigerators


are available that split your fridge in the middle across the entire length, where one side is the fridge, and the other is the freezer. These refrigerators are the best when you need a good amount of space for frozen foods. Also, they are the best option for narrow kitchens as they require much less clearance to open the doors.

Triple door refrigerators


are for those who require ease and comfort of organizing their consumables in multi-level compartments. These refrigerators help you put less used stored food in the lower compartment while highly used and perishable ones on the higher panels.

French door refrigerators


provide a full-width double-door option with plenty of storage space. With the refrigerator door split into two parts, you also won’t be letting out as much cold air out while opening your fridge.

Energy efficiency

Every electronic appliance is given a star rating that indicates its power efficiency. This rating depends upon the machinery installed, and the power consumption. The rating varies from numbers 1 to 5. Higher the rating, higher is its energy efficiency. So, if you don’t want to spend higher numbers on your electricity bills, it is advised to opt for a fridge with a higher star rating. Choose from 1 star,


2 star,


3 star,


4 star,


and 5 star ratings.


These are all the basic features you need to look for in a fridge. Other than these, there are many other advances features that modern fridges come with. These can include frost-free operations, dual-compressor systems, tempered glass shelves, humidity crispers, blast chillers, moisture controls, and adjustable cooling zones. The more you invest, the better functions you get. So, it depends on how much you would like to invest in your buy. The advanced features are for you to decide upon, but don’t forget to check for the basic features mentioned in the guide.

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