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Buying Guide for Air Conditioners

Jun 6, 2015 DiscountMantra


Is the heat or humidity outside making you sweaty and sticky? Are you planning to buy an air conditioner to beat the heat? But with such a wide variety available in the market, how would you know which one is the best for you?

Air conditioners come with a variety of styles, types, functions and features. Apart from cooling your house, the new technologies installed in air conditioners are now making them even smarter. They help conserve electricity, protect you against dirt and also control and adapt to climatic conditions.

Go through this guide before you shop for an air conditioner. This will help you gain knowledge about different types of air conditioners, their efficiency levels, capacities and benefits.


Window Air ConditionersWindow-Air-Conditioners

Window air conditioners are compact and have all the components (Compressor, condenser, expansion valve, evaporator and cooling coil) in a single box. They are installed into window sills and are very easy to install. They are ideal for small to medium sized homes. They have auto temperature control that maintains selected temperature with in-built thermostat.


  • Single unit air conditioner
  • Less effort needed for installation
  • Economical
  • In-built thermostat automatically controls temperature

Split Air Conditionerssplit-ac

Split air conditioners have an indoor unit (Comprising of cooling fan and evaporator) and an outdoor unit (Comprising of compressor, condenser and expansion valve). They offer many installation options because they don’t necessarily need to be installed near a window, and they take up very less space in the room. They are ideal for cooling medium to large spaces.


  • Takes up less space for installation
  • Quieter than window ACs
  • Can be installed in rooms with no windows
  • Can control moisture and humidity levels

Tower Air ConditionersTower-Air-Conditioners

Tower air conditioners are floor-standing. They consist of an internal unit and an external unit. The indoor unit stands on the floor hence, does not require any installation. These are ideal for cooling very large rooms.


  • Doesn’t need installation
  • High capacity cooling
  • Ideal for large rooms

Cassette Air ConditionersCassette-Air-Conditioners

Cassette air conditioners are shaped like cassettes and are installed on ceilings. This helps to save space in the room. They are perfect for large spaces and offices.


  • Saves space in the room
  • Perfect for large spaces
  • Very stylish

Cube Air ConditionersCube-Air-Conditioners

Cube air conditioners are smaller versions of split AC. They can be installed close to a ceiling or at window level. They feature diagonal propeller fan, improved blade shape curvature and larger intake grill for efficient performance.


  • Installed close to the ceiling or at window level
  • Modified designs for fast and efficient cooling


Considering the star ratings given to air conditioners by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency will help you know their efficiency and power consumption rates. Higher the number of stars, higher the efficiency and lower the consumption of power. Star ratings range from 1 to 5.rating

Inverter A/C controls the speed of the compressor motor. It reaches the desired temperature faster, hence reducing the number of start-stop cycles. These air conditioners have high efficiency and consume less electricity.


The power of air conditioners is measured in tons. A 1-ton AC has the capacity to cool 1000 kgs of air in 24 hours. A 1.5 ton AC will cool 1500 kgs of air in 24 hours, and so on. Air conditioners range from 1 ton to 4.5 tons. Calculate what is the best capacity required for your room depending on how big your room is.capacity

Ideal capacity needed as per the room size:

100 sq feet – 1 ton

150 sq feet – 1.5 ton

200 sq feet – 2 ton

250 sq feet – 2.5 tons, and so on.



Air conditioners are built with different technologies and features. Apart from cooling, they are built in a way to conserve and protect too.

Cooling and heatingCooling-and-heating

Air conditioners with this feature installed are useful in any kind of weather – hot, cold and humid. They can also function as heaters during winters to keep you comfortable. This feature is ideal for users who live in extreme climatic conditions or those who keep shifting from one city to another every now and then.

Anti-bacteria filterAnti-bacteria-filter

A number of micro-filters help in removing harmful substances from the air such as bacteria, pollen, dog-hair, dust-mites and particles that are extremely small or invisible to the human eye. This feature helps in avoiding allergies and creates a refreshing atmosphere.


High moisture content in the air can cause stickiness and perspiration. This feature removes excess moisture from the air, making the temperature comfortable.


Dust filterDust-filter

Air conditioners having this feature have an air purifying system installed that captures the smallest microscopic dust particles and cleans the air before delivering it to you.


Auto-clean functionAuto-clean-function

This feature helps in cleaning the air conditioner on its own by preventing the formation of bacteria on the heat exchanger and hence, extends the life of the air conditioner.

Follow me technology

This is an intelligent feature that has come up in air conditioners that senses where you are in your room and provides cooling in that particular part of the room. It senses your movement within the room and keeps following you.


Haier, Voltas, Whirlpool, Blue Star, LG, Onida, Hitachi, Panasonic

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