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Which Camera To Buy – Point & Shoot, Bridge Or DSLR?

Mar 16, 2016 DiscountMantra


Is photography your passion? Is it the career path you have chosen or is it just a hobby? Whatever it is, if photography interests you in any way, you would want the best camera that suits your requirements. Although there are many smartphones that offer great camera specifications and quality but, nothing can beat a camera! Here’s a guide that will help you buy the most appropriate camera for yourself.


Also known as compact cameras, point-and-shoot cameras are for those who do not consider themselves as professionals but, want easy-to-use cameras for clicking pictures at picnics, parties and vacations. These are the lightest cameras from the many different types, weighing around 300 grams only! Some of the latest point-and-shoot cameras are so compact that they can be easily carried in your pocket. Going up to 16 MP, these compact cameras may have an optical zoom up to 30x. Most compact cameras use focus-free lenses or autofocus with in-built flash units, and automatic systems for setting the exposure. These cameras operate very quietly and have a big LCD or display screen. They are also the most economical to buy, starting from somewhere around Rs. 5000 only. Thus, these easy-to-use, light-weight, compact and economical cameras are the most ideal ones to carry along while travelling or any other sorts of get-togethers. Here are some of the finest point-and-shoot cameras available at great Flipkart offers.

Nikon Coolpix S2900 Point & Shoot Camera | Price: Rs. 5,375Nikon-Coolpix-S2900-Point-and-Shoot-Camera


Canon Digital IXUS 170 Point & Shoot Camera | Price: Rs. 7,450Canon-Digital-IXUS-170-Point-and-Shoot-Camera


Sony DSC-WX350 Point & Shoot Camera | Price: Rs. 16,799Sony-DSC-WX350-Point-and-Shoot-Camera




This is the camera you opt for when you want better quality pictures than the point-and-shoot cameras but, don’t want professional DSLRs. Rightly termed as ‘bridge cameras’, these cameras actually bridge the gap between point-and-shoot and DSLRs. They offer better optical zoom quality, which results in more clarity and detail. They feature full manual control over shutter speed, aperture, colour balance, ISO sensitivity and metering. However, they still provide an option of pointing and shooting, thus there is no need to fiddle with the settings to capture the right shot. Compact and easier to carry as compared to DSLRs, these cameras are reasonably priced too. Some bridge cameras have only moderate zooms while there are others that have superzoom lenses with a super wide angle focal length. Thus, these cameras are also termed as megazoom, superzoom or ultrazoom.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX90V/BCE32 Camera | Price: Rs. 23,990Sony-Cyber-shot-DSC-HX90V-BCE32-Camera


Nikon P900 Camera | Price: Rs. 29,950Nikon-P900-Camera


Canon PowerShot G3 X Camera |Price: Rs. 55,195Canon-PowerShot-G3-X-Camera



DSLR cameras are digital cameras that combine the optics and mechanisms of a single-lens reflex camera (SLR) with a digital imaging sensor. These cameras feature a removable lens and reflex mirror that lets users view the subject live through the mirror. Its reflex design scheme makes it stand out from the rest of the digital camera crowd, where light travels through the lens, then to the mirror that alternates to send the image to either the image sensor or viewfinder. The lens changing option of DSLRs and many other accessories like flashes and filters helps the users to build their DSLR to suit their requirements. DSLRs gives its users opportunities to bring the background into focus or to blur the foreground and many other endless features. Although these are the most expensive and bulkiest of cameras but, they bring perfect shots with all the in-built features and external accessories. These are the cameras used to make magazine covers and billboards. If photography is what you want to build your career in, opt for any of these DSLRs. And, don't worry about the high prices. Shop with the latest Flipkart coupon codes available at DiscountMantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store, to get huge discounts on your purchase. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

Sony Alpha A3500JY DSLR Camera | Price: Rs. 31,990Sony-Alpha-A3500JY-DSLR-Camera-flipkart

Nikon D3300 DSLR Camera | Price: Rs. 37,499Nikon-D3300-DSLR-Camera


Canon EOS 70D DSLR Camera | Price: Rs. 69,995Canon-EOS-70D-DSLR-Camera



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