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Celebrate Father’s Day With Great Flipkart Offers!

Jun 15, 2016 DiscountMantra

Jun 15, 2016 Fashion & Health


A father is the man we always look up to, no matter how tall we grow. He has spent his life working hard and earning a living not for himself alone but, for his entire family! A father is a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love. So, whether he is your hero or your love, wouldn’t you want to surprise him with a special Father’s Day gift this Sunday? Yes, it’s Father’s Day on 19th June and you have just enough time left to shop for the perfect gift for him from the amazing collection available at exclusive Flipkart deals! So, what will you buy him? Let’s take you through the wide variety of options available to help you choose better.

For a book addict dad


Are books your dad’s best friends? Have you seen him reading away in his free time or when he is on board? Then he is definitely a book addict. So, what could be better than setting up a book space for his golden years? Don’t you think it will be a cool idea to have a library built for him where he can spend hours and days together after he retires from his busy heavy duty life? Flipkart has all sort of business, management, literature, fiction, history and politics books from the best authors of all times to keep your dad satisfied.

For a dapper dressy dad


Does your dad love flaunting his style? Is he one who loves to stay up in trend? There could be nothing better than helping him look his best. Shop from a wide selection of branded apparel, footwear, sunglasses, watches and leather accessories available at amazing Flipkart deals. Help him indulge luxuriously in his daily upkeep by presenting him some grooming products. How about fulfilling his shaving needs with the best shavers and trimmers, or helping him smell fresh and alive with the best-in-class deodorants and perfumes? With the world getting smart, your dad needs to get smarter too! Or, can we say that your dad is smart but his gadgets aren’t? Then, it’s time you get him some latest mobiles, smart wear, electronic accessories, laptops, tablets or even televisions and entertainment.

For the superstar dad


A superstar is one who lives a life not for himself but, for his loved ones. And that’s obviously your dad! He is a hardworking man; help him work a little more hard on his body to keep him fit and in shape by getting him the best fitness accessories, gym gear, sports equipment, smartbands and health supplements. Every individual has a hobby. What is your dad’s? If you don’t know yet, you need to find out because Flipkart is offering special products to help your dad fulfill his hobby desires – the hobby he can’t live without.

  • Driving is every man’s first love. Get him all sorts of car and bike accessories, helmets, riding gear, car and bike care tools, and more.
  • If gaming is his hobby, you can choose from a range of gaming platforms, gaming consoles, gaming accessories and PC games.
  • If music is what he loves, get him any or all of the stuff ranging in string instruments, wind instruments, keys and synthesizers, drums and percussion, and other musical accessories.
  • If photography is what pleases him, get him the best-in-class cameras and accessories.
  • Maybe it’s just taking care of his home. There are home improvement tools and other hardware to help him do that too.

For the home lover dad

Is your dad the one who takes care of the home? Or is it that he just loves doing it? Decorating the home, designing the home, cooking for the family – if it’s any of these things, then you have a whole lot of gifts to bring a smile to his face. Show your dad your appreciation by gifting him little tiny things for your home like home décor, home furnishing products or even kitchen and dining essentials. If he is a homey person, he will love all of it!

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