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Celebrate Friendship Day With Gifts From Infibeam

Aug 6, 2016 DiscountMantra


Friendship Day is ready to clock in! It’s falling on the 7th of August this year. This is the day when you can revive your friendship bond with the crazy chums who define your life. There are hundreds of ways to show your friends you care. But, it will definitely be incomplete without a few gifts. Big or small, pricey or inexpensive, doesn't matter. What matters is the feeling behind giving the gift. With a multitude of Friendship Day gift ideas available at Infibeam, you are sure to get something perfect for every kind of friend. So, be grateful to every friend who has touched your life in some way or the other, and make sure you thank him with one or more gifts available at the best Infibeam offers.

For cheery souls who love quirky gifts


If you are those friends from childhood who love nothing but the simple things in life, you can celebrate this special day with friendship bands and chocolates. For something that he/she will remember for long, you can gift your friends friendship mugs, cushion covers, posters, teddy bears, digital photoframes and gift certificates.

For groupfie gang who love to click


Oh yes, it is the world of selfies and groupfies today. And, every group has one particular friend who always leads the pictures. Why not gift him a digital camera or selfie stick so that he can take even better groupfies with you all?

For creative junkies who love to shoot


One particular friend in your group has a crazy passion for photography? Help him get professional with it by gifting him the best-in-class DSLR, camera lenses, monopods and tripods that will help him click pictures even better.

For classy tribe who love to flaunt


For all those crazy chums who love to flant all that they have, they would be more than happy to flaunt a new smartphone or gadget; don’t you think so? If he shares the closest bond, you wouldn’t mind spending on an iPhone, iPad or MacBook for him. However, if this is not what you can afford at the moment, go on to get him a nice cover, smart device, Apple accessories or headphones.

For smartphone zombies who love to gossip


A group cannot be without some gossip! There have to be gossiping girls, and these days there are gossiping guys too. help them gossip even more by gifting them power banks, headphones, mobile phones and cables to keep them charged up every time.

For crazy gamers who love to compete


Friends cannot be true if they don’t fight. And one thing over which you fight has to be a game for sure. Even though he is your best buddy, you still want to win over him in your favourite game. If that’s the case, you must make gaming even more fun for you by getting the best gaming consoles, gaming mouse, game controllers, laptop/desktop, speakers and cooling pads.

For snazzy gals who love to charm


Which female would not love to dress up and look the prettiest? Obviously no one! So, how about gifting the diva of the group with some adorable apparels, beauty products, earrings and accessories? Or how about a sling bag to help her carry all her beauty stuff along wherever she goes?

For movie maniacs who love entertainment


So, you guys never miss a movie? And you also make it a point to watch your favourite TV series together? Then, this one is for you! Get your favourite TV series, movies, pen drives and hard disks so that all you buddies can have a gala time together on every special or routine day.

For book addicts who love to read


So, you have a bookworm in your gang? Whatever you do, he is always busy reading from his favourite author. Don’t leave him out. Whatever he is, he is your good old buddy. Add to his collection of books to make it grand. Choose from books about literature, fiction, romance and motivation that would interest him.

For fitness army who love to sweat


So, you have a group at the gym? Nothing will make your gym buddies happier than gym equipment, sports accessories, health supplements and health equipment. Or you can also get them some sports apparel, T-shirts, perfumes and deodorants to help them stay comfortable and fresh when they are exercising or playing their favourite sport.

For musical band who love to groove


If you belong to one of those rocking bands in the city, you know what to get already! Choose from a wide collection of string instruments, keyboards, percussion instruments, wind instruments and other accessories that will help your band rock even better!

No matter how expensive or humble this Friendship Day is for you with all those gifts you need to buy, it will always hold a special place in your heart. Realizing this, DiscountMantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store, is offering special Infibeam coupons so that you can shop for all your friends without worrying about the heavy bills! You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox. So, hurry up and start shopping if you still haven’t! Happy Friendship Bonding Celebration!

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