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Children’s Bookshelf On Amazon To Help You Pick The Right One

Feb 17, 2017 DiscountMantra

Feb 17, 2017 Entertainment


Books are a man’s best friend, it is said. Reading books is very important for every individual. Not only does it help spend time in the best way when alone, but it also increases vocabulary and improves language. And as we all know, any habit when put in at the earliest age is the best. And for a child, the earliest age could be even one year old! Yes, it’s true! You may say that a child can’t even read at that age, but he can definitely start with picture books, isn’t it?

To help you choose the right books for your child, Amazon has brought up a special Children's Bookshelf which showcases a selection of the finest Indian and international books that spark creativity and make learning fun for children, available at the best Amazon deals. These books are categorized as per appropriate age groups, and are hand-picked by experts from the publishing industry. Every month, Amazon's editorial team reads and reviews the scores of books for kids of all ages to search for the best books to offer you. You can view the top books in popular categories like maths, science, language, non-fiction, and many more, which will resonate best with your little ones. All of these books are just right for your child’s particular age group, and will aid in building your child reading and development skills.

Browse by age


If you are looking for the most appropriate books for your little ones, but don’t know what would be right for their particular age, the Amazon Children’s Bookshelf will help you. It has beautifully divided books as per age group categories to make it easier for you. Since children up to 2 years cannot read and understand, there are a selection of play and picture books, and story books. Children from ages 3 to 8 years start developing, which is why learning science, learning maths, and reading and writing books add to their list. Children between 9 to 16 years have the capability of understanding and appreciating fiction and literature, so their list has the related books too.

It’s never too early to kick-start the reading habit


If you are still wondering whether you should have your child reading because he is still too young, remember that it is never too early. Kids today are really smart and can start grasping skills at the early age of only 1 year! And, the earlier a child gets familiar with books, they are more likely to start loving them. Before you wait for your child to grow up and read on his own, you can start by reading out simple stories crafted for their very own age. Reading out stories and rhymes to newborns and little ones make them familiar with the rhythm of speech and voice. Books can also let them get familiar better with colour, shapes and textures.

Don’t have them losing their mother tongue


Obviously, it is the age of having expertise in English today, but that does not mean you keep away from your mother tongue. Every individual must know how to speak, read and write the language of his mother tongue. You may be an expert in English, an expert in the native language of the city you stay in, but you may not know your own mother tongue. This in fact is a shame! This will have you become handicapped in a way that you can’t converse with elderly family members, cannot understand stories, jokes, poetry and music that are in your own language. Don’t feel ashamed of having your kids learn your mother tongue. You can see how this ‘Bookshelf’ is taking a step to help children learn such regional languages.

Familiarize your children with dark subjects too


Apart from the rosy beds you create for your children, it is important you have them seeing the darker side of life too like sudden death, accidental death, pet’s death, prolonged illness, and losing out on a loved one. You may find it uncomfortable to speak to your child about such dark subjects on your own. So, you can take the help of books that are written especially for children by well-known authors. The sooner they learn about all of this, the more prepared they will be to handle such situations in real life.

This is just a glimpse of what the Children’s Bookshelf has to offer and teach your little ones, as well as you. So go ahead and search for the best books for your child right away. And don’t hesitate on investing in your children’s books because the Amazon coupons available on Discount Mantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store - will help you with getting great discounts. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

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