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Choose The Perfect Bean Bag For You!

Oct 12, 2016 DiscountMantra

Oct 12, 2016 Home Decor


Bean bags are one of the most unique pieces of furniture. They are not only wonderfully comfortable, but are great pieces of home décor too. Place them in any room of yours – living room, bedroom, study or anywhere else – and you can be at ease all the time. Moreover, they are light-weight and easily portable too, so you can easily move a bean bag from one room to another. If there is one bean bag in your home, carry it wherever you wish to sit, and there you have a seat ready for you! If you have guests at home and less sitting space in your living room, bring the bean bags from your other rooms too, and you have enough space for the guests! See the benefits of bean bags? Moreover, bean bags are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, designs and materials. These are the perfect seating arrangements for a modern home for those who want a minimal look and for those who are always ready for more too. Here are the different varieties of bean bags and bean bag covers available at the best Flipkart offers that can suit the requirements and choice of every kind of individual.

Are you a guest entertainer?

If you are a person who keeps hosting quite a lot of parties at home or entertain lots of guests throughout the year, you need lots of seating space for your guests. But, you may not need it all the time. This is when teardrop bean bags can help. Drag these bean bags wherever you wish to and adjust them as chairs or recliners. Flatten them and put them back in the store room or under your bed when not in use. Here are three common colours that can easily suit your space.

OHS XL Teardrop Bean Bag With Bean Filling (White) | Price: Rs. 1299


RestNSleep XL Teardrop Bean Bag With Bean Filling (Black/Red) | Price: Rs. 1299


Amatya XXXL Teardrop Bean Bag With Bean Filling (Brown) | Price: Rs. 1599


Want to add a dash of colour?

You want your bean bag to be the center of attraction of your room? Then, you need to have one that can add a pop of colour to the room to stand out from the rest of the furniture. These work best when you want to add a dash of colour to your monotonous looking room.

Dolphin Bean Bags XL Standard Bean Bag Cover (Without Filling) | Price: Rs. 499


Fab Homez XXXL Bean Bag Chair Cover (Without Filling) | Price: Rs. 899


ORKA XXXL Bean Bag Sofa (With Bean Filling) | Price: Rs. 2,999


What’s your hobby?

Every individual has a hobby – something that one is crazy about. It could be games, music, clubbing, racing or reading. Whatever hobby you have, Flipkart tries to bring you a wide range of prints in bean bags that may fulfill your taste. Check out these perfect prints for those who love to drink or play cards. And, there is one for those who simply love reading. So, what’s your choice?

ORKA Large Bean Bag With Bean Filling (Multicolor - Drinks ) | Price: Rs. 1299


ORKA XXL Bean Bag With Bean Filling (Multicolor - Cards) | Price: Rs. 1999


ORKA XXL Bean Bag With Bean Filling (Multicolor - Newspaper) | Price: Rs. 1999


What’s your sport?

Cricket or football – what’s your pick? Check out the amazing varieties of printed bean bags specially designed for cricket and football lovers! This type is the best to show your passion for the sport and a perfect addition to your indoor gym!

ORKA Large Bean Bag With Bean Filling  (Multicolor - Cricket) | Price: Rs. 1299


ORKA Large Bean Bag With Bean Filling  (Multicolor - Football) | Price: Rs. 1299


ORKA XL Bean Bag With Bean Filling  (Pink/Black - Football) | Price: Rs. 1499



Your kids want one too?

Perfect for children, bean bags can not only be fun but comfortable and durable too. Let them sit in it all afternoon reading or relaxing, or let them jump over it for as long as they are energetic. It can be the perfect addition to your kid’s room. A variety of bean bags with cartoon prints are available too at the coolest Flipkart offers.

ORKA XL Bean Bag XL With Bean Filling (Cartoon Cars) | Price: Rs. 1499


ORKA XL Bean Bag Chair With Bean Filling (B/W Mickey Mouse) | Price: Rs. 1699


ORKA XL Bean Bag With Bean Filling (Multicolor Mickey Mouse) | Price: Rs. 1699


Have you already seen the one you wish to have? Then, hurry up and grab your favourite one from the list above! Order it right away with the Flipkart coupons available at Discount Mantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

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