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Come Shop At The Grocery Sale At Amazon From 15-18 March

Mar 17, 2017 DiscountMantra

Mar 17, 2017 Food


Filling up groceries in the kitchen is every homemaker’s regular task. Some may do it weekly, while the others may do it on a monthly basis, but the task definitely leads to a good amount of money from the pocket. Every month you need to set apart a good amount of portion of your income or savings for filling up your groceries. So, how would you feel when you learn that you can now get all your groceries under one single roof, and that too at a discounted price!? The word “Sale” is a delight to every woman across the country, and when it comes to groceries, why not!? With due respect to all hard-earning men and hard-working women, Amazon has come up with The Grocery Sale from 15th to 18th March to bring a good amount of relief while you look at your grocery shopping list. You can get amazing discounts starting from 10% and going up to a whopping 50%! So now grab all your regular grocery items along with some special favourites and get wonderful Amazon deals on all of them.

Featured offers

Some very special offers for those who are brand-loyal, are up to be grabbed. Get up to 20% off on Real juices, Nestle products, and Kissan products; and up to 30% off on Lipton teas. Paperboat is still helping you celebrate the Holi fever by offering refreshing juices and thandai at up to 15% off.



Every individual is addicted to some or the other beverage to keep him going. While some are addicted to tea and coffee every morning and evening, some find living on fruit juices and squashes more refreshing and healthy. Whichever your choice, you have a huge assortment waiting for you.

Cooking supplies


The basics that every kitchen needs to cook everyday meals – rice, flour, pulses, ghee, oil, vinegar, sauces, cooking pastes, spices and masalas – are available too. shop for the best quality cooking supplies to serve your family with finger-licking meals.



Some specials for kids and those having a sweet tooth! You can now add a whole list of your favourite chocolates, candies, mints, chewing gums, jelly beans, and lollipops to your grocery list because Amazon is offering discounts on these items too.



Serve your guests with quality snacks like branded dried fruits, nuts, seeds, chips, namkeens, and biscuits, without letting it break your budget. Stock up on the best delicacies as they will now fit into the funds you have set apart for your groceries.

Meal accompaniments


Meals cannot be complete without a few accompaniments. Today’s generations will want jams, honey, spreads, soups, pastas, and noodles to go with their meals. And, the traditional Indian foodies will want some pickles and chutneys. All of these accompaniments and more is available at this grocery sale too.

Make your choice

For those of you who stick to a strict diet or are health conscious, and don’t want to risk on your fitness with the fatty, sweet, and gluten containing foods, you have great choices to make! You can now choose your groceries by selecting your customized options of dairy-free, fat-free, gluten-free, high-protein, low-fat, no-salt, no-sugar, no-colour, and no-preservative products. There are also options in natural and organic food, and groceries that are suitable for vegans, diabetics and weight-watchers.

So now, whatever your choice of food – American, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, South American, or Thai – you can get all you need to cook your delicious meals at Amazon’s Grocery Sale. Grab all the leading brands at the best prices with the amazing discounts available. And to act even smarter, you can shop with the Amazon coupons available at Discount Mantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

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