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Delicious Low Calorie Food Recommendations For You

Mar 9, 2015 DiscountMantra

Mar 9, 2015 Food


Whenever we think of delicious food, we are always reminded about the high number of calories it has. Somehow many people think that they cannot have delicious food on regular basis as it will make them gain weight and is therefore is not good for their health.

In this blog post, we break the popular myth that all food which is delicious is high on calorie count. We do this by listing out food items which are not only low in calories and delicious in taste. In fact these foods are not only delicious, but they also help you shed weight and can therefore can be eaten without any guilt factor. And yes, you do not have to spend a lot to have them in your kitchen. Rather you just need to shop from with the amazing Amazon coupons and Amazon promotion codes to get the freshest and healthiest food for your family. Nature’s Basket too is one of the best online stores to get fresh and quality food products delivered at your doorsteps.

So now let us begin with some of the highly delicious low calorie food which you should include in your diet. We begin the list with the most important meal of the day – which is Breakfast!

Oatmeal, Ragi, Wheat Bran

Chuck the oily parathas and puris for healthy and wholesome options like Oatmeal, Wheat Bran and Ragi. Not only are these items healthy, they are also delicious in taste and do not make you feel heavy right from the morning.

These food items have all the essential nutrients which will help you kick-start your day efficiently and at the same time help you lose weight by reducing your appetite. Also these low fat cereals are easy to make and are not at all expensive.

Brown Rice, Tuna, Chick Peas

Many of us feel our diet is incomplete without having a fair share of rice on our plates. Yes, rice is delicious at the same time it just makes you put on the ugly flab quite easily.

Our solution – Instead of chucking out rice from your plate, replace the white rice with brown rice. It’s as simple as this. You can surely have the cake and eat it too! Brown rice is rich in fibre, anti-oxidants, manganese and selenium – this variety of rice, thus keeps your tummy full and aids in weight loss.

Along with rice you can use a combination of Chick Peas curry or delicious Tuna. Both these food items are very low on calories, give your body the essential nutrients it needs, keeps weight gain in check and most of all are very easy to cook and amazing to eat.

Nuts, Crackers and Juices

The most testing time of the day is the Evenings. Your tummy is half-full half-empty. You are hungry yet not starving. And most of the times you are very confused on what to eat.

Rather than being confused and choosing all the wrong snacks, we advise that you have a palmful of Nuts, Crackers and/ or fruit and vegetable juices. All these items are very low in calorie count, satisfy your cravings and are easy on your budget. We recommend that you choose seasonal fruit juices and opt for organic juices which have high fibre.

And of course, for dinner you can have greens like broccoli, bell peppers, lean meat, dalia, sabudana – well the list surely is appetizing.

So the next time you feel like having something delicious yet low in calories, then you need not be confused at all. We hope this post has bust the myth that low calorie food cannot be delicious. And yes, whenever you shop for this healthy food items do not forget to use discount codes and coupon codes from DiscountMantra India’s best online coupons and offers store.

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