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Different Skirt Types Every Girl Must Own

Oct 7, 2016 DiscountMantra

Oct 7, 2016 Fashion & Health


Skirts are one of the most elegant and daintiest of apparels for women. They have been popular for their stylish looks since the 19th century when they were first worn by peasants. Ever since, they have come a long way with variations in their styles and lengths. They have always been experimented upon and have come up in innovative styles ranging in minis, maxis, pencils, A-lines, straight-fits, wrap-arounds, pleated, asymmetrics and so many other varieties. Skirts should be a part of every girl’s wardrobe, whether it is plain unadorned skirts to be worn to work, or flamboyant and swanky skirts for a celebration. If you don’t have skirts in your wardrobe yet, hurry up and get your hands on the amazing styles and designs available at the best Snapdeal offers! Here is a list of some must-have designs and skirts that every girl should own. Check them out!

Mini skirts

Mini skirts are the sexiest kinds of skirts a girl can own. They are the shortest skirts, generally body-hugging that end up somewhere between the thighs and knees. Whether it is the grey skirt that can be worn on formal occasions, or the golden skirt that you can wear on a date, or the black shimmering skirt for a club party, make sure you have one of these.

Feneto Gray Cotton Lycra Mini Skirt | Price: Rs. 539


Karyn Gold Poly Cotton Mini Skirt | Price: Rs. 825


N-Gal Black Polyester Mini Skirt | Price: Rs. 550


Maxi skirts

Just the opposite of mini skirts, these skirts are loose-fitting and go right till the ankle. These look the best on tall girls. You can team them up with plain simple tops for the best impact. Here are three options you can choose from – the black traditionally printed skirt, the contemporary blue ruffled skirt, and the semi-traditional vibrant red skirt.

Decot Paradise Black Cotton Maxi Skirt | Price: Rs. 404


Carrel Blue Cotton Maxi Skirt | Price: Rs. 1110


Ceil Red Cotton Maxi Skirt | Price: Rs. 1099


Skater skirts

Short like the mini skirts and A-line in silhouette, these skirts have been inspired by the skirts worn by skaters in the ring. This style goes back to the 90’s, but still rocks the fashion industry with newer designs. This type of skirt can be worn on any formal or casual occasion. Wear them with a simple top and sneakers, or a fancy top and heels, you are sure to make heads turn.

Loverlobby Red Cotton Skater Skirt | Price: Rs. 548


Eavan Black Poly Georgette Skater Skirt | Price: Rs. 1199


Rue18 Black Crochet Skater Skirt | Price: Rs. 599


Pencil skirts

One of the most popular skirts worn to office, pencil skirts have been a hot favourite among girls. They have a simple silhouette that sets with the curves of the body, and range from knee-length to calf-length or right up to the ankle. However, the knee-length pencil skirts look the best!

Fame16 Navy Cotton Lycra Pencil Skirt | Price: Rs. 591


AND White & Black Printed Pencil Skirt | Price: Rs. 675


Karyn Gold Poly Cotton Pencil Skirt | Price: Rs. 1206


Tempting, right? You sure want to get your hands on all of these skirts. So, there is no stopping you! Grab all of them to have a refreshing wardrobe and have fellow girls envying you. But, make a sensible buy by using the Snapdeal discounts available at Discount Mantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store, to get great benefits on your bills. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

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