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Dress Like A Boss With Snapdeal Fashion

Nov 25, 2016 DiscountMantra

Nov 25, 2016 Fashion & Health


If you are a boss, you must look like one. Your apparel, body language, attitude, and entire look must have you looking like a boss – superior to everyone in the workplace. Although we aren’t prompting you to have a sense of arrogance, but you could always have a feel of positivity and attitude to influence your employees. And, this positivity and attitude comes partly from the way you dress up. Dressed up right brings in the confidence in you and boosts your behaviour. So, dress up like a boss with these amazing fashion elements available at the best Snapdeal offers.


A well-tailored suit is a must have for every boss. Either you wear it to office everyday or keep it selective for board meetings, meetings with clients, or an official event. It is important to consider the cut, colour, material and style of the suit before deciding to purchase it. All these factors are very important as these are what will define your style and personality in front of your employees, clients and other professional contacts. Create just the right image about yourself by opting for one or all of these handpicked suits.

Raymond Black Solid Formal Suit | Price: Rs. 13,999


Luxurazi Gray Party Wear Suit | Price: Rs. 5,200


Platinum Studio Brown Rayon Suits | Price: Rs. 3,399



You love suits but your work environment does not provide for wearing one every day? This is where blazers can help. Pair up a blazer with formal trousers or jeans, and it goes well for your dominant look too. However, just like suits, you need to consider a few things before purchasing a blazer too, like it shouldn’t be a part of a suit, it should be of a specific length to look just perfect, and lots more. To ease your hassles, here are three selected blazers you can choose from that are definitely some of the best for your workplace.

Mufti Khaki Solid Formal Blazers | Price: Rs. 4999


Tag 7 Blue Woolen Blazers | Price: Rs. 3199


Platinum Studio Grey Party Blazers | Price: Rs. 3499


The white shirt

A well-fit ironed formal shirt is what it takes to transform one’s look. Your appearance matters a lot as a boss. If suits and blazers are not what you can wear every day, you can have a collection of best-fitted formal shirts, and make sure whites are included. An official wardrobe can never be complete without a clean and crisp white shirt. You can get amazing options in white shirts too ranging in the basic shirt, Chinese collared shirt, half-sleeve shirt and more.

Venga White Cotton Regular Fit Casual Shirt | Price: Rs. 175


Highlander White Slim Fit Shirt | Price: Rs. 499


John Players White Formals Shirt | Price: Rs. 650



Although the tiniest, but a tie is one of the most important elements of a formal attire. Pairing a tie perfectly with your shirt or suit is one of the most important tasks when it comes to deciding on formal attire. Put together a formal look by shopping from a variety of ties available in almost every colour you are looking for. Solid colours, polka dots, stripes and checks are what go best for office wear. You have the option to choose from an extensive collection of premium ties, regular ties, broad ties, knitted ties, narrow ties, sevenfold ties, skinny ties, slim ties, reversible ties and much more.

Civil Outfitters Black Formal Necktie | Price: Rs. 329


Tossido Classic Blue Micro Fiber Broad Necktie | Price: Rs. 221


CorpWed Maroon Broad Tie | Price: Rs. 399

CorpWed-Maroon-Broad-TieWith no set rules for looking like a boss, feel free to experiment with your looks and see what suits you the best. And for experimenting, you need to shop for lots of varieties. Don’t worry! The Snapdeal coupons at Discount Mantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store, will take care of your bills perfectly well. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

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