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Expand Your Wardrobe Without Spending Much

Jan 5, 2015 DiscountMantra

Jan 5, 2015 Fashion & Health


Our wardrobe is one of those things, which we always feel is either not good enough for the occasion, or which badly needs to be expanded! But usually expanding one’s wardrobe means shelling out lot of money. So here we are, with tips on how you can expand your wardrobe without emptying your wallet!

There are few myths which we all have in our minds when it comes to expanding our wardrobes. So firstly we need to get rid of them.

Buying clothes is an expensive affair

Is this the first thought which comes to your mind every time you think of buying clothes? Then it is high time you change the place as well as way you shop. Switch to online shopping and get clothes at prices you only dreamt of. Most popular stores have some kind of sale or offer almost each week of the month. Register with them and through their newsletters stay updated about the deals and offers. These newsletters also carry coupon codes, for e.g. jabong discount coupon code, amazon discount coupon code etc. which will help you save more. Thus buying clothes need not always be an expensive affair.

You have to buy loads of clothes on one go

This is another false belief. True that you want to expand your wardrobe, but that does not mean that you buy tons of clothes on a go. Doing this will surely effect your budget. Rather always opt for sensible buying. You can choose shopping from “end of the season sales” online and collect clothing like winter wear, shoes accessories etc. This way not only do you save more, but you don’t even run out of clothes.

Cheap clothes cannot be stylish

This for sure is the mother of all myths. Style has more to it, than just the money you spend on your clothes. At the end what matters is the way you carry yourself. So do not hesitate to buy that piece of shrug or colorful shawl only because it’s cheap and you feel it cannot be stylish. Rather go ahead and experiment.

Once you have overcome these thoughts, it is the right time to set in to expand your wardrobe and be ready to face every occasion with confidence. Start with making a list of things which are missing or which need to be replaced in your wardrobe. Then hunt down the best stores in your locality as well as online. Always keep a check on offers and deals they offer. As is mentioned above, never buy all the things at once. Make a budget for each month and stick to it. Buy things which are on the top of your priority list, this way you won’t overspend and buy the things which you need the most first.  Make most of the flash sales on online stores and always check for coupons and deals on platforms like DiscountMantra to shop more and save more. These steps will surely help you expand your wardrobe without burning a hole in your pocket.

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