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Flipkart and Myntra Shut Mobile Websites To Pull Users To Their App

Mar 24, 2015 DiscountMantra

Mar 24, 2015 News


In a move to make more of its customers use their mobile app, Flipkart and its unit Myntra have shut down their mobile websites. Though, the mobile websites of both these ecommerce stores are active on the Symbian operating system for older Nokia phone sets.

According to Livemint, which first broke the news, this move of shutting down the mobile site, is part of Flipkart’s larger strategy to turn into an ‘app-only’ platform as it is also considering shutting down the desktop websites of both Myntra and the parent unit Flipkart. In a justification to this move, Flipkart says that they can serve their customers in a better way through the mobile apps due to the flexibility which the app provides to the end-user. Also the apps of both these ecommerce sites are designed to work relatively well even in low bandwidth conditions compared to their m-sites, which surely is a going to help them garner better traffic and conversion rates.

With a constant increase in the number of smartphone users in the country, more and more online shoppers are turning to mobile apps for easy and hassle-free shopping. A mobile app is seen as one of the best ways in which seamless and personalized shopping experience can be provided to the consumers. Not only is a mobile app preferred as it offers a more personalized shopping experience compared to the websites, mobile apps also enable companies to save costs on deploying people and technology on other platforms. Along with helping companies save on their operational costs, mobile apps help these stores to market and advertise to their target audience in a much more accurate way as compared to their websites.

It has been seen of late that some firms have stopped investing on their websites and are putting all their technology resources behind the mobile app. There are many ecommerce websites like SnapDeal and Amazon which like Flipkart and Myntra get a huge amount of traffic and orders from their mobile apps. At present Myntra generates more than 90% of its traffic and 70% of its orders from the mobile apps. In fact, both Myntra and Flipkart have special offers and discounts for their mobile app users.

But at the same time around 30-40% of orders for Flipkart and Myntra come from their desktop and mobile website. Also there is a section of users which feel that this move by the e-commerce site is in a way, like forcing the customers to install apps on their mobile phones. Thus what the exact outcome of this move by Flipkart will be is something which is going to be clear only with time.

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