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Fun, Food And Adventure In Bangalore

Oct 12, 2015 DiscountMantra

Oct 12, 2015 Entertainment, Travel

travel-bangaloreAre you going to Bangalore for a business meeting? Or are you going to attend a ceremony? Whatever it is, you need to extend your stay there for a few days to have a wonderful time at these amazing places we are going to tell you about. Complete family entertainment in Bangalore - fun, food and adventure - you have it all.


Want to have a day full of fun in the city? Check out these family fun places in Bangalore you shouldn't miss. Get a whole day out for fun for these amazing places.

Innovative Film City

travel-innovativeA perfect amusement and theme park where you have lots to do for the entire day. Go out with family and friends for a one day picnic to this fun place and have a gala time enjoying a number of activities including go karting, bungee jumping, bull ride, dirt bike, horse riding, zip liner, mini golf, cricket, roller coaster and more. You can also watch 4D films and short films here. Check out the tribal museum, dinosaur park, fossil museum, wax museum, haunted mansion, aquatic creatures, zoo and lots more.

Wonder La Amusement Park

travel-wonderlaIndia's favourite amusement park, Wonder La, just 28 kilometres from Bangalore is a place you will never want to miss! Spread across 82 acres of landscaped garden, it is a totally fun place with 60 thrilling rides for all age groups. Some of the best rides include hang glider, pirate ship, net walking, sky wheel, termite coaster and dungeon ride. The best water rides include jungle lagoon, fun racers, twisters, water pendulum, rain disco and wave pools. These are just the few best. You have to come to check out all 60 rides and decide for yourself which is the best one for you!


To get the best taste of the city and enjoy a wonderful dinner with family and friends, check out these family food places in Bangalore to get your taste buds asking for more.

Ebony Restaurant

travel-ebony84, Hotel Ivory Tower, Barton Centre, MG Road, Bangalore

This roof-top restaurant provides a great view of the city while you dine with your loved ones. A fantastic mix of Indian, European, South Asian and Parsi food, with a cocktail and alcohol menu, this is one of the best places you can dine at in Bangalore. Its 'World on Plate Buffet' on every Saturday featuring a five course buffet with signature dishes is something you must not miss. Moreover, the live music adds to the ambience to give you a memorable evening.

Pier39 Restaurant

travel-pier3924, Opp Raghavendra Mutt, 46th Cross, 5th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore

Taken inspiration from Pier39 at San Fransisco, this restaurant from SFO Hotels & Suites, has a cozy and chic ambience. Its mouth-watering non-vegetarian Indian and Mexican cuisine is going to keep you asking for more. Each dish has been crafted for the best flavours to give your taste buds a heavenly feeling.


Are you an adventure animal? You must visit these two places to have a thrilling time in the city.

Bannerghatta National Park

travel-bannergattaJust 22 km from Bangalore, this national park is a popular tourist attraction. You can see a zoo, animal rescue centre, butterfly park, snake house, aquarium and pet corner here. You can also enjoy the safari park, where you can watch lions, tigers, bears, deer, boars, porcupines and more moving about freely in their natural habitat. Go trekking to add another thrill element to your day.

Flight 4 Fantasy

travel-flight4fanatasyYou might have travelled in a plane, but have you ever flown it yourself? No, right? Bangalore gives you a chance. Oh yes, you can become a pilot too if you come to Bangalore! Flight 4 Fantasy is a place where you can live your dream of becoming a pilot. It is the one and only flight simulation centre in India, where you have a choice of selecting the flight simulator you want to fly. You can fly the plane for 15 to 60 minutes, and have a memorable moment forever!

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