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Get The Best Friendships Day Gifts At Snapdeal

Aug 5, 2016 DiscountMantra


True friends are forever. True friendship always has its ups and downs but, true friends are always around who will never let you feel alone. And, to celebrate this feeling of friendship, Friendships Day is arriving very soon on 7th August! So, what have you bought for your buddies this year? Oh no! Haven’t yet shopped? Don’t worry! It’s not late yet. With Snapdeal here for you, there is nothing to worry about because it is bringing you the best gifts at the best Snapdeal offers for every type of friend you have. Apart from the best selling gifts like mugs, friendship bands, teddies and books, there is so much more you can get for every special friend who has his own special trait. Take a look.

‘DSLR’ wala friend


For the one who clicks all your profile pictures, for the one who clicks all your group pictures, for the one who is so crazy about photography, there can be nothing better than photography equipment. If your friend is a professional, or if he is seeking to become one, help him by gifting him the best quality digital camera and tripod. Or, you may gift him selfie sticks or phone lenses if he is just beginning to build a passion towards photography. Other accessories that he would love would be a camera bag or a digital photo frame.

‘Headphone’ wala friend


If you have a friend who always knows the best music around, you can be sure that he is your ‘headphone wala friend’. There can be nothing better than getting him music subscriptions, headphones and speakers to help him enjoy all his ‘Me-time’ with music. Gift him something big like his favourite musical instrument or something as small as music posters and T-shirts. Whatever your gift, it is sure to bring a smile on his face!

‘DDLJ’ wala friend


A crazy movie fan who would have never missed a single movie – if this is what describes your friend, you know what to get him! The best would be to get him movie subscriptions. And to add to that, add some fun by gifting him posters, T-shirts, lamps, coasters and cushions of his favourite star or movie.

‘Gym’ wala friend


If he is aspiring to become the next ‘Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi’ after Akshay Kumar; or she aspires to become the next fitness queen after Bipasha Basu and Shilpa Shettu, do we need to tell you what you should get them? You got it right! Choose from a wide collection of health guides, home gyms, fitness trackers, wrist bands, fitness apparels and sippers available at the best Snapdeal offers.

‘Make-up’ wali friend


“Forget about everything else; all I want is to look prettiest all the time!” If this statement connects with your friend, you got to get her the latest fashion stuff. Get her anything from earrings to beauty sets, hair dryers to sling bags, top wear to fragrances, and she is going to love it all!

‘Call Of Duty’ wala friend


‘Call of duty?’ you may wonder. No-no! This has got nothing to do with the police, army, military or war. This is for that friend who is always in action for a game. Gaming consoles, console skins, gaming titles, laptop skins, phone covers and accessories of the best qualities are available for your gadget guy or girl.

Apart from all these special deals, there is a lot more that Snapdeal has to offer this Friendships Day. For those who are still confused as to what to buy, Snapdeal makes it easier for you by suggesting a special Friendship Day eGift voucher that can help your friends get discounts on their purchases. Get the eGift voucher here.


If you wish to donate and bring a smile to an unknown yet needy face this Friendships Day, you can lend a helping hand to support the Uttarakhand Flood Relief Program. Check out how you can here.

While making it a special day for others, you need not make it less special for yourself. Bring a smile to your wallet too by saving on your bills! Yes, you can do so by shopping with the latest Snapdeal coupon codes available on DiscountMantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

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