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Go Cashless And Carefree With Amazon!

Nov 21, 2016 DiscountMantra

Nov 21, 2016 Buying Guide

Go-Cashless-And-Carefree-With-AmazonWith our Prime Minister’s move to curb black money, terrorism funding and corruption, which involved the demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes, people have started panicking. They are rushing to the banks, post offices and ATMs to either have their old notes exchanged or deposit all their 500 and 1000 notes into their accounts. With all this commotion going on across the entire country since the past few days, people are looking for trading without money. They are either borrowing what they want to buy from shopkeepers they know, or are making use of their credit cards. In every way, the people of India are planning to go cashless.

After the demonetization, the cash on delivery option for online shopping has been stopped. This has gotten the online shoppers who are so addicted to buying their stuff at the best Amazon deals very upset. Because the company does not wish to disappoint its customers, even through all this hullabaloo and turmoil, it is helping everyone to shop without cash through the Amazon gift card balance option.

To opt for this procedure, you will have to use your card or net banking to add balance. Other than easy cashless shopping, this will bring you additional benefits like instant checkout, fast refunds and easy tracking too. When you purchase using your card balance, you can checkout in one click; and you don’t need any OTP or bank passwords. Moreover, in case of returns, your refund will be credited to your balance within 24 hours. You can also monitor your balance by visiting your balance statement under ‘Your Account’.

You can get up to 15% off while adding Amazon gift card balance if you use the promo code ‘CASHLESS’. Using this promo code, you can have the following benefits –

  • Add Rs. 500 and pay Rs. 425
  • Add Rs. 1000 and pay Rs. 850
  • Add Rs. 2000 and pay Rs. 1700

All you have to do is select the amount you wish to top up your balance with and add the promo code ‘CASHLESS’ when the screen asks you to. The code will be applied and you can easily place your order and pay. How easy is that! However, there are certain terms and conditions that apply.

There seems no reason why you must now fret about shopping online. With benefits like cashless shopping, instant checkout, fast refunds and easy tracking, you must top up your balance right away!

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