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Google to Add Buy Button in its Mobile Search Results Listings

May 18, 2015 DiscountMantra

May 18, 2015 News


Google began as a search engine and has been a huge success. But it hasn’t restricted itself to being only a search engine. It is now planning to undertake the risk of entering the online marketing business with the introduction of a “Buy” button within the next few weeks, which will allow people to purchase certain products directly from its search results pages.

The ‘Wall Street Journal’ indicates that Google’s “Buy” button will initially be available only on mobile devices when users will search for a product. It will appear in paid search results under the heading of “Shop on Google”, and not in organic search results.

This is how it will work - Clicking on the “Buy” button will take the users to a special Google page to complete the purchase, where all the purchase options such as product size, colour, payment options, etc. can be filled out. The user will then submit their payment information to Google, which will then pass on the order to the retailer. Google will save the user’s card details on its first entry. Next time when the user shops through Google, the card details will automatically be loaded, which eventually saves a lot of time and effort. Google will not pass on the card details to the retailer, hence, keeping it secret and keeping the user secure.

Google will not sell the products itself. It will only act as an online platform for the transaction to take place. Also, Google will not take a commission from the sale. It will continue to be paid by its existing advertising model. This will lead to retailers preferring to do business with Google. This will come as a threat to current industries like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart and many more, who are worried about losing their brand identity.

This process might hinder the direct communication between the retailer and customer. But, Google will allow customers to opt for getting updates and offers from retailers and in this way, the retailer will be able to get the customer’s data.

Last week, Google introduced a feature in US that helps the customers to order food from local restaurants, by making a partnership with GrubHub, and many more. This proves that Google now aims to be the one-stop solution for everything, from searching to purchasing. Google Express, a same-day delivery service, makes it possible to have everything delivered straight to your doorstep with just a one-click option.

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