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Guide To Choose Valentine’s Day Gifts

Feb 7, 2015 DiscountMantra


Valentine’s Day is round the corner, and we are sure that there are many of you who are just wondering on how to make the day special for your loved ones. In fact apart from the regular brick and mortar stores, there are many online stores which have some amazing Valentine’s Day offers and Valentine Gifts coupons. You can choose some of the best gifts without spending much by using FernsNPetals coupons, Flipkart coupon codes, ArchiesOnline coupons and several other discount coupons which are easily available on DiscountMantra – India’s leading coupon store.

Now that you are clear on where to get the valentine gifts from, let us move to a more serious discussion; which is how to choose the right gift for your loved ones. You obviously do not want your gifts to be a disaster for the receiver. So here are few tips which we are sure will help you choose the perfect gift this Valentine.

Decide who is the receiver of your gift

Yes, Valentine’s Day is no longer limited to just couples. You can use this occasion to show your love and warmth towards your parents, friends and kids. And surely in this case one-size does not fit all!

So if it is for your partner always choose things which will make them happy, like something they always wanted to have, a place they want to visit or a romantic lunch/ dinner in their favorite restaurant.

The same rule applies for parents, friends and kids – gift according to their age and preference. Always remember it is what they like that needs to be gifted and not what you like.

Express yourself

Well, Valentine’s all about expressing your feelings. Do not shy away; rather use your own unique way and language to say how you feel about the other person. You can do this through personalized messages, beautiful Archie’s greeting cards, or much better hand-made cards and love notes. And yes, you can also resort to dedicating them songs on their favorite music channels and radio shows!

Give gifts which commensurate the level of intimacy of your relationship

When you give a gift, it is not just about giving something which the other person likes but also about how much you value your relation and at what level do you connect with them. So the gifts you give to your partner for 10years are obviously going to be different from that you give to a person who has just been a part of your life. Also when it comes to gifting friends always choose gifts and cards depending on your personal rapport with them. Playful, humorous gifts may not be much appreciated if your friend has a very serious temperament.

Try gifting experiences rather than objects

You can try something different this Valentine. Rather than gifting some goodies and objects, take your loved ones to a resort or some place they always wanted to go. For example, there are cases where old parents are so happy to receive flight tickets as a Valentine gift. This is an experience which they will cherish for their life. So think creative, think out of the box and add a leaf of precious experience to your loved ones memory. At the end experiences are what add life to any relation.

These are some of the tips which we are sure will guide you in a big way when you shop for your loved ones. Ultimately, Valentine’s is a day to remind your loved ones about how much you treasure them. And gifts surely are one of the best ways to do this. Make this Valentine’s memorable with gifts from leading online stores, and do not forget to shop smart by using deals and coupon codes from DiscountMantra.

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