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Guide To Long Weekends In 2016

Jan 7, 2016 DiscountMantra

Jan 7, 2016 Travel


You work hard all week under the pressure of your seniors ans bosses, and what you wait for is the weekend. You will definitely agree that Saturdays and Sundays are the best days of the week, won't you!? And, what if you are told you have a Friday or Monday off too? You just can't help but jump with joy! For a corporate who is working hard throughout the five days of the week, slogging to meet deadlines and overcome work pressures, there can be nothing better than a long weekend.

But, New Year has some greater news for you. You don't need to wait for Diwali or take Christmas leaves to get a mini-vacation. You can have some short and sweet mini vacations throughout the year now! Yes, you read it right. You can plan many small trips throughout the year with friends and family to places you have always wanted to visit. Although you might need to arrange some leaves in between but, if you are well-planned in advance, you won't have a problem. And, don't worry about the expenses. Book your tickets with Goibibo coupon codes and get the best prices for hotel, bus and flight bookings. Check out this list of leaves you will be getting along with the leaves that you will have to arrange to have a gala time throughout the year.



You can manage to take a total of 11 days leaves in the month of January! Break it up into 3 parts of 3 days followed by 4 days and then another 4 days. Take a look.

Jan 1 - New Year

Jan 2 & 3 - Saturday & Sunday

Jan 14 - Makar Sankranti/Lohri

Jan 15 - Pongal

Jan 16 & 17 - Saturday & Sunday


Jan 23 & 24 - Saturday & Sunday

Jan 25 - Take a leave

Jan 26 - Republic Day

Although the first part of three days is over, you still have time to plan up for the remaining two.


A short and sweet three day weekend in Febraury is what you will get. Friday (12th) being Vasant Panchami, 13th being a Saturday and 14th a Sunday. 14th February! Does that strike a chord? Oh yes, it's Valentine's Day! Make it special by planning the entire weekend for the one you love.

Feb 12 - Vasant Panchami

Feb 13 & 14 - Saturday & Sunday


One of the biggest and purest Hindu festival 'Mahashivratri' falls in the month of March and the most colourful festival 'Dhuleti' also falls in the same month. Enjoy two long weekends with these great festivals.

March 5 & 6 - Saturday & Sunday

March 7 - Mahashivratri


March 24 - Dhuleti

March 25 - Good Friday

March 26 & 27 - Saturday & Sunday


We celebrate the birth of two renowned names in Indian history in the month of April. One is Dr. Ambedkar, Independent India's first law minister and the principal architect of the Constitution of India; and the other - the one and only Lord Rama!

April 14 - Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti

April 15 - Ram Navami

April 16 & 17 - Saturday & Sunday

May & June

No long weekends in May and June :( But, that's alright. This is the time to make your bosses happy by working hard - an investment for the next better and longer weekends in the second half of the year!


This is the best weekend for our Muslim friends. This is when they celebrate their biggest Eid festival and have the best celebrations and feasts.

July 8 - Ramzan Eid

July 9 & 10 - Saturday & Sunday


You sure are going to go crazy when you check out the leaves you can get this month. A total of 13, with 4 days apart and 9 days together at a stretch! Can you beat that?

Aug 13 & 14 - Saturday & Sunday

Aug 15 - Independence Day

Aug 16 - Take a leave

Aug 17 - Parsi New Year

Aug 18 - Rakshabandhan

Aug 19 - Take a leave

Aug 20 & 21 - Saturday & Sunday


Aug 25 - Janmashthami

Aug 26 - Take a leave

Aug 27 & 28 - Saturday & Sunday


Don't miss this chance! Just manage to take two leaves in between and spend 9 days visiting the place you have always wanted to be. Plan well in advance and check out the best MakeMyTrip offers available on ticket bookings during these nine days.


This is the month where our Hindu, Muslim and Keralian friends can enjoy their festivals in the long weekends.

Sep 3 & 4 - Saturday & Sunday

Sep 5 - Ganesh Chaturthi


Sep 10 & 11 - Saturday & Sunday

Sep 12 - Bakrid (for some states)

Sep 13 - Bakrid (for other states), Onam


Diwali is here in the month of October - a definite five day leave! Along with that, comes Muharram, one of the biggest festivals for Muslims too. Let every Hindu and Muslim enjoy their huge festivals this month with longer weekends.

Oct 8 & 9 - Saturday & Sunday

Oct 10 - Take a leave

Oct 11 - Dussehra

Oct 12 - Muharram


Oct 29 to Nov 1 - Diwali celebrations


Thanks to our Sikh friends, we get another mini three day vacation in this month with the birth celebration of the great Guru Nanak Ji, the founder of Sikhism and the first of the Sikh Gurus.

Nov 12 & 13 - Saturday & Sunday

Nov 14 - Guru Nanak Jayanti


The month of celebrations for our Muslim and Christian friends with Eid and Christmas falling in this month. Although Christmas falls on Sunday this year, we still have Eid to help us get the last long weekend of the year.

Dec 10 & 11 - Saturday & Sunday

Dec 12 - Take a leave

Dec 13 - Id-e-milad


Make the most of these long weekends in 2016 and decide what your weekend destination 2016 will be. This year is going to bring lots of moments of joy and happiness for all you employees. But, make sure to keep your bosses happy throughout the year to get those leaves you need to take in between. Happy Holidays! :)

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