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Hollywood Inspired Jewellery Pieces On Flipkart!

Jan 18, 2017 DiscountMantra

Jan 18, 2017 Fashion & Health


From romantics like Titanic to literary and fantasy series like Harry Potter, we all may have seen atleast some of the most iconic Hollywood movies. And, we all may have been inspired by one or the other characters on-screen. Whether a young teen or an adult, there may be some characters or actors in Hollywood that may have played an important role in our lives to inspire and entertain us. If there is one movie that you have made a connection with in Hollywood, Flipkart can help you make the bond a little stronger. Here are a few jewellery pieces available at the best Flipkart discounts that have been inspired by Hollywood movies. Check out if any of these are from the movie you connect with. And if any one of it is, make sure you grab it right away before anyone else does!

Heart Of The Ocean: Titanic

When we think of Hollywood jewellery, there is one piece that cannot be forgotten, and in fact will be the first to come into the minds of many of us. This is the gorgeous blue diamond necklace that was worn by Rose in the movie Titanic. This piece was also worn by the lady who played the older Rose in the movie at the 1997 Oscars, which was said to be the most expensive piece of jewellery worn to the prestigious awards show! Want a replica of this beautiful ‘Heart of the Ocean’? Get it from Crunchy Fashion crafted in sparking white studs with a deep blue heart-shaped crystal at the centre, hanging in a beautiful white studded necklace!

Crunchy Fashion Titanic Inspired Heart of Ocean Necklace | Price: Rs. 549


The Golden Snitch: Harry Potter

Oh, who doesn’t know about Harry Potter!? With so much of fantasy, adventure and excitement created with the series, there would be almost no-one who hasn’t seen the series. And, remember the game of Quidditch? Remember Harry and his friends zooming with their super-fast brooms? And, the golden snitch? You can now have the ‘Golden Snitch’ with its extended wings in your neck!

Access-o-risingg Golden Snitch with Wings Alloy Pendant | Price: Rs. 349


Protective Daylight Amulet: Vampire Diaries

The beautiful daylight amulet used by the vampire brothers – Stefan and Damon Salvatore – in the very famous Vampire Diaries to protect themselves from sunlight was something to appreciate! Here is your chance to feel appreciated now by getting your hands on a similar pendant inspired by this amulet, brought to you by Shoppers Paradise, crafted in Lapis alloy.

Shoppers Paradise Vampire Diaries Lapis Alloy Pendant | Price: Rs. 350


Sarah Jessica Parker’s Engagement Ring: Sex And The City 2

Sex and the City, one of the most talked about movies, has inspired a generation in terms of fashion. One accessory that was a very important part of the film was the black engagement ring that Mr. Big presents to Carrie Bradshaw in the final scene of the movie. This five-carat black diamond ring was an extravagant piece of jewellery that has a replica being sold off at Flipkart at a price of only Rs. 1499! Seems too much for a ring? Then, shop with the Flipkart coupons available at Discount Mantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store - to get discounts on your bill. In the film, it was Itay Malkin who worked with Sarah Jessica Parker to handcraft the diamond ring with the perfect final touches. But, the one at Flipkart is beautifully crafted by ‘Allure’ in sterling silver adorned with shiny black Spinel gemstone and covered by Cubic Zirconia.

Allure Halo Sterling Silver Spinel Silver Ring | Price: Rs. 1499


The Okay Pendant: The Fault In Our Stars

Are your familiar with the promise and hope of the playful ‘Okays’ exchanged between Gus and Hazel in ‘The Fault In Our Stars’? Representing love that breaks all barriers to unite two witty people on the journey of discovery across continents, this ‘okay’ pendant can be yours too! Wear it on a jeans and T-shirt combo with smart sneakers to make a statement wherever you go.

Access-o-risingg Tfios Okay Alloy Pendant | Price: Rs. 399


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