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Home Decor Tips Within Your Budget

Jan 12, 2015 DiscountMantra

Jan 12, 2015 Home Decor


Home is a place where we create memories for life. It also reflects as well as moulds our personalities. No wonder many of us spend a good amount of time and money on building, renovating, redesigning our nests. There are many who feel that home décor is a costly affair and thus are not sure how to improvise their living spaces. In this blog, we bring you some of the best home décor tips which will not only give a face-lift to your home, but are also totally in your budget.

Go creative

Creativity is the key. So the next time before you think of discarding some piece of furniture or want to change your traditional window panes, don’t just throw them away as junk. In fact you can reuse the old furniture as cabinets and make a shelf out of the traditional window panes. Search for latest home décor ideas on popular stores like Pepperfry, Amazon etc.

Go for multi-purpose furniture

Always go for furniture which serves more than one function. For e.g. go for under storage beds, sofas as well as multi storage cabinets. You can very easily find them on popular online stores like Fabfurnish, Homeshop18, Flipkart etc. Multi-purpose furniture help you not only save space but also give a better look to your house.

Choose bunkers for kids’ room

These days there are several awesome bunkers available for kids. So in case you have two kids, it will be fun for them to sleep in bunkers. Also there are bunkers which also have study table attached to them. We are sure that your kids will totally love having them. Apart from this, you can get their room painted with their loved cartoon characters and opt for night-glow wall stickers to add fun to their room.

Minimal accessories

All of us like to accessorize our homes with show-pieces and artefacts. But that does not mean that you turn your home into a museum or exhibition store. Always choose accessories which severe some practical purpose apart from adding aesthetics to the house. It is advisable to shop for these accessories using promotional offers, deals and discounts. This way your love for art will not ruin your budget.

Room divider

Room dividers are one of the pocket friendly and smart ways to improve the look of your house. You can use wooden partitions or beaded curtains as room dividers. This can specially be used when you want to separate your living room with dining room.

Wall Colors

One of the best ways in which you can enhance the look of your house is by choosing the right wall colors. Instead of opting for neutral colors, go for bright and fun colors. You can also opt for ‘two colored walls’.

Kitchen Garden and Bonsai plants

Today everyone does not have the luxury of space. Thus you can satiate your love for greenery by having a kitchen garden and Bonsai plants. This will surely add serenity to your home.

The above given tips is just a broad framework for you. It is also recommended that you take the full advantage of promo offers and discount coupons available online whenever you plan to shop for your home. At the end as mentioned earlier, home is a part of our personality. It is always good to keep your personal tastes, likes and dislikes in mind whenever you wish to decorate it. Express yourself freely – let your home be a living example of your real self!

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