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Home and Kitchen Eveready Appliances at Snapdeal

Jun 1, 2016 DiscountMantra

Jun 1, 2016 Home Decor


Eveready, the name that is most popular in the industry of batteries has been present in India since 1905. It has achieved success in the manufacture of batteries, flashlight cases, electrolytic manganese dioxide and arc carbons and many other related products. It has now also expanded its reach into the appliances industry. It is now introducing a new range of home and kitchen appliances exclusively at the best Snapdeal deals to help you lead a better life. Check out the amazing Eveready appliances at Snapdeal that can be utilized in home and kitchen.


Sandwich Maker

Sandwiches are an easy and quick snack to make when you are in a hurry or when you don’t understand what else to cook. Eveready makes it simpler to cook sandwiches instantly by offering a sandwich maker that lets you make two sandwiches at one go. It’s cool touch handle makes it easy for kids to operate too.

Eveready PST901 750W Sandwich Maker | Price Rs. 799



Keep your kids hydrated with different kinds of juices this summer to help them fight the scorching heat. Get yourself this amazing Eveready juicer that utilizes a low speed squeezing system without heat, grinding or centrifugal force but, has a high juice extracting rate that goes up to 85%! You have separate spouts and jars for juice and pulp extraction. Moreover, it has a cool quick and easy self cleaning facility so you don’t need to worry much about it. Its attractive silver colour will beautifully blend in every kitchen style.

Eveready LIIS Slow Juicer | Price: Rs. 7,799


Mixer Grinders

An excellent range of mixer grinders is available from Eveready too. Choose from the white and white-blue coloured mixer grinders that come with stainless steel jars with different capacities. With a speed setting of 3, they can assist in grinding and mixing easily. Check out for special features that include over load protection, anti-skid suction feet, leak proof jar lids and power indication light. If you are looking for something extra, you can opt for the juicer mixer grinder that helps with dry grinding, wet grinding, mixing and juicing too! Choose from these three styles to suit your requirements the best.

Eveready ALF Mixer Grinder White | Price: Rs. 2299


Eveready GLOWY Mixer Grinder White and Blue | Price: Rs. 1599


Eveready DYNAMO Juicer Mixer Grinder White | Price: Rs. 2199


Chopper and blender

Quickly chop your veggies with this amazing chopper and blender from Eveready! Its sharp stainless steel blades will help in instant vertical chopping. Its push button makes it very easy to operate.

Eveready CHV101 Chopper & Blender White | Price: Rs. 1199


Roti Maker

Roti makers are a great relief for working women. It gets so easy to cook rotis with them without making a mess. The non-stick surface of the Eveready roti maker makes it easy to keep the appliance clean. It comes with a light indicator to let you know when your roti is cooked just right. Moreover, the beautiful silver-black combination lets it blend just anywhere in the kitchen.

Eveready Roti Maker - RM1001 | Price: Rs. 1499



Are you always heating up water on the stove or microwave for making your tea or coffee? Why don’t you get yourself an Eveready kettle? This 0.5 ltr stainless steel kettle with a water level indicator, that can help hold 6 cups of water at a single go, is going to be one of the best buys you have ever made!

Eveready Kettle - 0.5ltr - KET501 | Price: Rs. 1225


Dry Irons

Two options in dry irons are available from Eveready. Choose whether you want an aluminum white dry iron or one that is made from stainless steel. The white aluminum dry iron comes with special features like temperature control, power indicator, 360 degree swivel cord and instant heating. On the other hand, the stainless steel dry iron comes only with temperature control and indicator light features.

Eveready EVDD100PI Aluminum Dry Iron White | Price: Rs. 499


Eveready DI500 Stainless Steel Dry Iron White | Price: Rs. 949


Immersion Rods

Buying immersion rods are far better than installing those big geysers in your bathroom because they are easily portable and can be stored easily. Check out these copper tube chrome finish immersion rods from Eveready that ensure faster heating.

Eveready 1000Watt IH401 Silver and Black Immersion Rod | Price: Rs. 555


Eveready 1500Watt IH402 Silver and Black Immersion Rod | Price: Rs. 599


Ceiling fans

Beat the heat with these superb 48 inch fans from Everyday that have a power consumption of 70W and help keep you cool with a maximum speed of 380! Choose from colours brown and ivory.

Eveready Ceiling Fan - 1200mm - FAB M - 70W Brown | Price: Rs. 999


Eveready Ceiling Fan - 1200mm - FAB M - 70W Ivory | Price: Rs. 1049


Hurry up and shop for these appliances from this trusted brand before the deals run out! Shop for all these home and kitchen appliances without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket. DiscountMantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store is here to take care of it, which is why it is offering the best Snapdeal offers. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

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