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Hotel Booking Mistakes To Avoid

Mar 2, 2015 DiscountMantra

Mar 2, 2015 Travel


Today travelling has become an integral part of our lives. We travel for leisure and recreation, we travel on business and sometimes we travel just for the heck of it. Hotel booking is an integral part of travelling. And we are sure that many a times you must not have enjoyed your journey, just because of not so great experience at the hotel you booked.

So in this blog post we bring you some tiny little details which when taken care of will help make your stay at the hotels more pleasant. We are sure that by the time you finish reading this blog post, you will get a fair idea of the mistakes you need to avoid while booking a hotel room.

Check the Deposit and Cancellation Policy before Booking

How many of us really do this? Well not many for sure! We advise that you read these policies properly in order to avoid any kind of extra charges.

Book a room as per your requirement

This is one problem which often families face. The room is most of the times too small to accommodate all the members. This surely takes away the joy of residing in a decent hotel. So before you book a room, make sure that you get a clear idea of the size of the room, and how many can occupy it.

Do not book a prepaid, non-refundable rate which you cannot cancel

This is one of the most common mistakes, which you can avoid. Before booking for a non-refundable rate, it is highly recommended that you weigh the pros and cons of it. According to us, you must always choose a package which you can cancel in emergency and also claim a refund.

Compare Prices

Always compare prices on various platforms before booking the room. This way you can choose the best deal – one which fits into your budget. Also compare the various discount coupons available and only then move on to booking a room in that hotel.

Read Reviews

Very often, many book hotel rooms only because they are impressed by the picture of the hotel rooms and the prices are low compared to other hotel rooms. But what many forget is to check the quality of their hospitality, and later feel that they have been duped. In order to avoid such a scenario it is better that you check the reviews of these hotels. Reviews help you know about the experience of others. Only if the reviews are satisfactory, you need to book a room in that particular hotel.

These are some of the mistakes, which you need to avoid while booking a hotel room. This way not only will you save more, but can also get a pleasant and comfortable stay. You can in fact make use of MakeMyTrip coupons and MakeMyTrip discount codes to avail some of the best deals on hotel booking and travelling. All these coupons are easily available on DiscountMantra India’s best online coupons and offers store – which is driven towards providing the most cost-effective choices to its customers.

So be smart, use the best coupons from DiscountMantra and enjoy your stay at the best hotels in the India and abroad.

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