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Choose The Best Sofa For Your Home

Feb 5, 2015 DiscountMantra

Feb 5, 2015 Home Decor

How to Choose the Best Sofa for your home (3)

Sofa is not just a piece of furniture. Rather it is an essential accessory to your household. Buying a sofa is in fact an investment to your comfort. As it is one of those durables which we do not buy on a day to day basis, it becomes all the more important to make a wise choice whenever you buy a sofa. From the right cost to the right size everything matters. You can also order a sofa of your choice from some of the leading online furniture stores like Pepperfry. They have some great collection of sofas, right from one seater to three seater sofas. And with Pepperfry coupons and Pepperfry discount codes you can get the best sofas at amazingly low prices. All you need to do is visit DiscountMantra, one of the leading coupon stores in India and avail Pepperfry deals and coupon codes.

Now let’s move on to understanding how to choose the right kind of sofa for your house. Here are some tips which will surely help you choose the best sofa for your house.

Size of the Sofa

You obviously do not want to stuff your living room with an over-sized sofa. Thus always keep the size of your living room in mind whenever you choose a sofa. Whether you plan to have a small sofa and couple of chairs along with the coffee table, or in case you have a large living room you can opt to L shaped sofas which occupy a major portion of the room. Always choose an ideal size of sofa with a strong sense of design so that it will easily sink in with your living space.

How to Choose the Best Sofa for your home

Shape of the Sofa

After size, the next thing which you must look for is the shape of the sofa. A shape, which enhances the entire look of your living room, as well as provides comfortable seating arrangement. In case your living room is small in size, then we recommend that you opt for circular shape sofas. They are ideal for spending quality time with family and for small gatherings. You can also opt for a daybed as a couch and use few chairs around it and further add some cushions for comfortable seating.

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Material of the Sofa

Material is a crucial aspect for any sofa. Leather is usually one of the best choices, it not only gives a majestic look to your room but also the dark color will hide stains compared to white suede sofas. Also leather sofas are easy to clean and maintain. If you are looking for sofas for outdoor arrangements, then always opt for custom made water and stain resistant pieces.

How to Choose the Best Sofa for your home


This is a very important factor. Once you are done with the shape and size of the sofa, the next task is to arrange or organize your sofa according to your requirements. Suppose you plan to host small kitty-parties or wine sessions with family and friends then it will be sensible to arrange the sofa in a circular or semi-circular manner, with a beautiful center table in between. In case you want to just relax and unwind on your sofa then you can place it right in front of your television set or music system.

If you keep these factors in mind, we are sure that you can buy the best sofa piece for your house. Also do not forget to check DiscountMantra for some amazing furniture and home décor offers and deals.

Happy Shopping!!

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