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How To Wear A Necklace With Different Outfits

Dec 14, 2015 DiscountMantra

Dec 14, 2015 Fashion & Health


Necklace is that piece of jewellery which takes your fashion look a notch higher and enhances your clothing to a great extent. With the wide range of necklaces available varying in designs, styles, lengths and materials, you can now wear a necklace with every apparel for every occasion. You just need to know what kind of necklace goes well with your outfit. Here we are to guide and show you some cool ways of incorporating necklaces into your wardrobe so that you make a style statement wherever you go. Fashionara brings a huge collection of necklaces in varying styles for you to shop for. You can also use some amazing Fashionara offers to buy these necklaces. We list here some suggestions of the best necklaces and guide you on how you can pair these amazing designs with your outfits to bring the spotlight on you wherever you go.


Do you know you can wear a necklace with your shirt too? Yes, if you have these beautiful necklace pieces, you can surely pair them with a shirt and score well on your style points.

  1. Colour of Gems


Wear a solid coloured shirt and team it up with this elegant, chic and sophisticated necklace by wearing it under your collar. Adjust the length of this necklace as per you want to adjust it with the look of your shirt and the collar.

Price: Rs. 999; Buy it here

  1. Circular Affair Necklace


This necklace piece will go well with any kind of shirt you wear. Its simple and modern design is one that can blend well with any colour and print.

Price: Rs. 412; Buy it here



A tube top is one of the best ways to highlight your necklace. You can wear the necklace that takes up maximum space with a tube top. A tube top goes well with almost every kind of necklace but, here are few suggestions that will make people's head go round when they see these beautiful designs.

  1. Dazzling Charm


This stylish necklace in black and gold is going to add a dash of exclusiveness to your look. The fine gold tone metallic mesh and black beads is a perfect piece to be worn with a tube top.

Price: Rs. 979; Buy it here

  1. Dolores Necklace


Thie gorgeous and bold necklace in black will define your exquisite taste and will bring an element of elegance and charm to your look.

Price: Rs. 3899; Buy it here



A black dress is something that almost every girl has. Whether a cocktail party or a date, there is nothing better than the tiny black dress that you have. To make it even better, sport a stylish necklace piece with it. A black neckpiece is definitely going to look great with the black dress but, you can even experiment with a completely contrasting colour that makes you look bold.

  1. Square Off


An amazing blend of squares and rectangles to come up with a perfect design in the perfect colour! This interesting and intricate piece of jewellery is definitely going to have people around interested in it.

Price: Rs. 799; Buy it here

  1. Antique Necklace


This antique gold necklace made in metal and stone is another piece to make you look stunning. The triangular pieces make the necklace look bold.

Price: Rs. 1290; Buy it here



Wearing a pair of jeans or a denim jacket? Pair it with a perfect piece of jewellery to look fab. Check out these necklaces to make you look just perfect!

  1. Gems Of Style


This instant style maker with multi-colored stones is going to blend perfectly well with a white top and denim jacket over it.

Price: Rs. 999; Buy it here

  1. Ribbon Bib


Another piece worth buying! The beautiful blend of black, blue and white is one that can go well with any denim item you wear.

Price: Rs. 987; Buy it here



You can sport jewellery even with your casual wear. Wear bold designs or flower designs - they are both going to showcase your personality and make you look confident even in your boring casual wear.

  1. Flower Charm


Green, black and white colours in different contemporary flower shapes is something that can add to the casualness. It seems to be just the perfect piece for going trendy yet casual.

Price: Rs. 999; Buy it here

  1. Beads Multifunction


A simple design made with pink and golden beads will enhance your casual look. This necklace is available in different colours, where you can choose from one that suits your personality.

Price: Rs. 435; Buy it here



Whether you have a work function or a formal meeting or an evening get together, these magical pieces are going to let you shine amongst the others.

  1. Magic Designer Necklace


Just have a look at the trapeziums so amazingly placed! The solid black colour is something that will blend perfectly well with any evening wear.

Price: Rs. 776; Buy it here

  1. Rich And Regal


If black is not what you want, go for this colourful contemporary design that is sure to grab everyone's attention. The spikes add to the contemporary design to make you look bolder.

Price: Rs. 999; Buy it here

So buy your favourite necklace online at Fashionara and add to your collection. Shop with Fashionara coupons to get the best deals and discounts. These coupons are available at DiscountMantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

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