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Huge Discounts on Cameras and Accessories – Buying Guide from DiscountMantra

Feb 26, 2015 DiscountMantra

Feb 26, 2015 Mobiles & Electronics


We all want to capture the best moments of our life. And pictures surely are one of the ways to do so. Having a digital camera of your own can help you capture the special and mundane – literally all the moments of your life. And in case you see photography as an art… then having the right camera is a MUST.

DiscountMantra – the best online coupons and offers store in India is driven towards helping consumers get the best products at the most competitive prices. In this blog post we guide you on how to buy the right digital camera at the best possible prices with amazing Flipkart coupons, Ebay offers and several other discount codes.

So let’s just get started.

Before buying a digital camera, there are certain questions which you need to ask yourself – like your need, some technical aspects, need for accessories. We will deal with all the basic questions in this post.

Why do you need a digital camera?

This is the first and perhaps the most important question. There are umpteen number of buyers who useful end up taking cameras with features they will never use in their life time. So you see, it is senseless to invest in a camera whose features will rarely be used by you.

So before zeroing in a camera model, understand your requirements, like – Size, Portability, What kind of photography you plan to do (portraits, landscapes, sports etc.)? What features are you looking for (large LCD display, image stabilization etc.)?  And not to forget, your Budget.

With these answers you can easily understand the features you want in your camera.



Every layman feels that the higher the megapixels of a camera, the better are the pictures. But this obviously is not the only thing. In fact, anything over 4 megapixels is good if you are planning to get the images printed. But you also need to keep in mind that higher range of megapixels can in fact be a disadvantage as they take a lot of space on memory cards and computers. So do keep this fact in mind, whenever you choose the megapixels of a camera.


Often there is a lot of confusion on which kind of zoom to choose – ‘digital zoom’ or ‘optical zoom’. In our opinion it is always good to go for a camera with optical zoom as digital zoom simply enlarges the pixels in your shot making your picture look highly sharp and pixelated. Optical zoom on the other hand is the ‘true’ zoom. Not only does it allows you to get a closer view of your subject, but also gives you a much better photo quality.

DSLR or Point & Shoot

People these days simply get a DSLR camera and think they have turned in to photographers overnight or will now get the best shots captured. This, of course is wrong. In spite of being more affordable DSLR cameras are not for everyone.

The basic points which you need to keep in mind while choosing between the two are:

  • Your Budget
  • The size and weight you are comfortable with
  • Maintenance required
  • Speed

Based on your opinion on these factors you can zero in either a DSLR or Point & Shoot camera.

So these are some of the basic things you need to keep in mind whenever you plan to buy a camera. We are sure they will help you a lot in choosing the right camera. And yes, as far as your budget is concerned, you need not worry at all. DiscountMantra has the best offers and deals on cameras for you from all the leading online stores. You just need to make up your mind on other requirements. So make memories for life with the best digital camera.

Happy Clicking!

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