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How to make your Christmas party fun?

Dec 24, 2014 DiscountMantra

Dec 24, 2014 Festivals & Occasions


Christmas – the birth of Christ, a time to rejoice, meet family and friends and party around. Christmas is one time of the year when we party a lot, catch up with friends and spend quality time with family. If you are thinking of throwing a Christmas party and wondering how to make it party fun and memorable, then we have the solution for you. The recipe for a perfect party is very simple: delicious food and loads of fun with mind – blowing games.

Games are one of the best ways to add fun element to your Christmas party. Games help you bring all your guests together on a single platform and thus no one will feel left out. We have jotted down some of the best games which you can include in your party. These games require items which will be easily available to you and will surely be enjoyed by your guests. So here we go:

Decorate a person as Christmas Tree
Using green crepe paper tinsels and ornaments rather whatever you find – decorate your tree. The first or the best one wins.

Fill the Christmas stocking
Divide all your guests into teams and have the participant’s race to fill their hanging stocking with a spoonful of wrapped candy. The team which fills the stocking first is the winner.

Snowman Building
What’s Christmas without the snowman? In this game of snowman building judge the teams on the criteria of originality and speed.

Ornament Guess
Have your guests guess the total number of ornaments on the Christmas tree as they come into the party. The one who guesses the closest number is the winner.

Christmas Carol Charades
This is one fun game which most are going to enjoy. Go dramatic and let the party begin!
You can also include games like Musical Chair, Passing the Parcel, Name the Christmas Carol and Pin the red nose on Rudolph. The number and kind of games you include even depends on the time as well as the crowd who will come to your party. If you guest list includes several number of kids then it will be sensible to have separate games for them. This way they too will enjoy the party.

Another important ingredient of a successful Christmas party is food. And what is Christmas without plum cake and tasty homemade wine, not to forget Christmas gingerbread cookies. Being a Christmas party we recommend that you keep the menu totally Christmassy. Begin the lunch/ dinner with Pork Vindallo and follow it with chicken curry and lamb biryani. Keep chicken kababs as the side dish. You can also include Kulkuls, Cheeslings and Chakalis in the menu. Not to forget have a generous supply of wine and cake.

You can always include more items in the menu, but see to it that you do not overdo it. Along with best food and games, welcome your guests with warmth and pay attention to each one of them.

We hope your Christmas celebration party will be a memorable one!

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