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How To Make Your Sarees Last Long?

Aug 2, 2016 DiscountMantra

Aug 2, 2016 Fashion & Health, News


A saree is the most sensuous and elegant attire of an Indian wardrobe. It is the best way to represent Indian culture and fashion wherever you go. Your wardrobe would be having a collection of everyday sarees as well as expensive occasional sarees. And, one of the main problems you would be facing is preserving a saree in a way that it lasts longer while still looking bright and new. Don’t worry! This blog is bringing you the tips that you must use with utmost care and patience to help you keep their shine and beauty intact for years to come!


The first wash of your saree should be with salt/rock salt water to help the colour stay for longer. Check for any colour-bleeding to help you wash it separately in further washes. Do not mix multiple sarees in a tub/bucket for washing; wash them individually. Also, make sure to wash it with hand and not in machines. For your regular sarees, you may use a gentle detergent but, for silks and heavily-embellished sarees, opt for dry-cleaning.


Be very careful while ironing sarees, especially the delicate ones. Make sure to place a layer of fine but sturdy cotton cloth on top of the saree when ironing it.


Wrap your sarees individually in mulmul and place some Neem leaves in between the folds. This will prevent fading. Also, make sure that every six months, you take your expensive not-so-frequently-worn sarees out of your closet, let them stay in the sunlight for a few hours and then store them back. This practice will maintain the colour and shine for longer. But, remember to change the fold when you store them back to prevent permanent creasing, wear and tear, and destroying of embellishments.

Stain removal

Rinse the stain from your saree immediately with cold water. If the stain does not get removed, rub it with lemon juice and water solution. If the stain is oily, sprinkle some talcum powder on it before washing the saree.

Now, let us check for some specific care and precautions to be taken for different types of sarees. And we also suggest some beautiful sarees you could buy at the best Myntra discounts to add elegance and beauty to your wardrobe.


Colour bleeding cases are high for cotton sarees, especially for dark colours. Wash every saree separately and make sure the first wash is done after soaking the saree in water and rock salt for 15 minutes. Don’t squeeze or hang on wire. Let the saree hang on the water tap to let excess water drain off naturally; then dry it in shade. If you want the saree to retain its crispness, starch it after wash.

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Chiffons and georgettes are very delicate and are prone to tearing easily. Make sure you handle them with care and provide them with gentle washes. Just like cotton sarees, do not squeeze or hang them on a wire in the sun. Also, do not store them on hangers in your closet or they may lose their shape.

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Tissue and organza are much more delicate as compared to chiffon and georgettes, thus they require even better care. Never wash your tissue or organza sarees in a washing machine or they could tear. The best option is dry-cleaning or at the least, you can hand wash them at home. Don’t hang them in your closet or they will definitely lose their shape. Keep them folded in muslin instead.

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These sarees require the highest maintenance! You must only stick to dry-cleaning when it comes to any of these sarees. Store these sarees separately – do not keep them with sarees of any other materials. Do not spray them with water while ironing, or you will leave stains on them. For zari sarees, you must get a fine net backing stitched to the back of the zari work so that it doesn’t get entangled with your jewellery or when it comes in contact with any other such thing. Store your zari sarees wrapped in cotton to prevent the zari from reacting with air and getting oxidized. Moreover, do not hang these sarees in your wardrobe. Keep them folded and carefully stored in cotton bags.

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Now, you can follow these tips that are very useful for maintain all your regular and designer wear sarees for a long time to come. Also, shop for your favourite sarees with the latest Myntra coupons available at DiscountMantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store, to get great discounts on your bills! You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

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