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Malabar Gold And Diamond Jewellery On Amazon

Apr 22, 2016 DiscountMantra

Apr 22, 2016 Fashion & Health


Malabar Gold & Diamonds, which was established on 17th September 1993 by M.P. Ahammed at Kozhikode with a capital of Rs. 50 lakhs, has seen a slow and steady expansion ever since; and today it is one of the most trusted gold jewellery brands in the world. Its first showroom was opened in Kerala on 12th April 2005, and today, it has more than 100 showrooms in various parts of the world. It has now also expanded to tie up with Amazon, one of the leading and trusted online stores, where beautiful designs of Malabar Gold & Diamonds are available.

Amazon Diamonds Store is not only presenting the beautiful designs by the brand but, it is also offering assured gifts with every purchase! Its special offer that is valid from 12th April to 14th May 2016 is presenting three prizes. The first prize winner will get a chance to fly to Bangkok; the second prize winner will get a Rs. 25,000 gift voucher; and the third prize winner will get a Rs. 10,000 gift voucher. Read the offer details.


Beautiful rings, nose rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, chains, mangalsutras, bangles and bracelets are available in precious gold and platinum studded with diamonds and precious stones. Take a look at some of the most beautiful gold and diamond jewellery with superbly intricate designs crafted.


Enhance the beauty of your fingers by adorning them with gold and platinum rings in awesome designs studded with diamonds and stones like Blue Sapphire, Cubic Zirconia, Emerald, Pearl and Ruby.

22K Yellow Gold and Cubic Zirconia Ring | Price: Rs. 17,306


22K Yellow Gold lion Ring | Price: Rs. 31,290


22K Yellow Gold and Cubic Zirconia Colourful Ring | Price: Rs. 16,492



Women can never do without earrings! Earrings are the elements that give their face the perfect touch of beauty. Get all sorts of studs, hoop earrings, drop earrings, dangles and jhumkis in precious gold, white gold and platinum studded with diamonds and stones like Blue Sapphire, Crystal, Cubic Zirconia and Ruby.

Mine Collection 18K Yellow Gold and Diamond Stud Earrings | Price: Rs. 20,832


Mine Collection 18K Yellow Gold and Diamond Drop Earrings | Price: Rs. 37,743


22K Yellow Gold and Cubic Zirconia Jhumki Earrings | Price: Rs. 1,34,131



Get the most awe-inspiring designs in gold and platinum pendants studded with the best-in-quality diamonds, Blue Sapphire, Crystal, Cubic Zirconia and Ruby.

22K Yellow Gold and Cubic Zirconia Spiral Design Pendant | Price: Rs. 17,890


22K Yellow Gold and Cubic Zirconia Oval Shaped Pendant | Price: Rs. 20,057


22K Yellow Gold and Cubic Zirconia Floral Pendant | Price: Rs. 9,457


Bracelets and bangles

Your wrist is definitely going to look beautiful with the dainty bracelet and bangle designs from Malabar Gold & Diamonds. Two colour gold bracelets and bangles studded with diamonds, Crystal, Cubic Zirconia and Ruby in amazingly beautiful designs are available.

22K Two Colour Gold Strand Bracelet | Price: Rs. 58,660


22K Two Colour Gold Bangle | Price: Rs. 98,649


Divine Collection 22K Yellow Gold and Crystal Bangle | Price: Rs. 74,921



A mangalsutra is the most important ornament for an Indian married woman. No one knows the value of this ornament better. You can shop for this valuable piece of jewellery available at the best Amazon offers.

22K Yellow Gold and Gemstones Mangalsutra | Price: Rs. 20,857


22k Yellow Gold and Cubic Zirconia Traditional Mangalsutra | Price: Rs. 63,141


22k Yellow Gold and Cubic Zirconia Fashionable Mangalsutra | Price: Rs. 34,430



Yellow gold chains incorporated with Ruby and Yellow Sapphire are available, which can be worn alone or with your favourite pendant.

22K Yellow Gold Simple Design Chain | Price: Rs. 64,938


22K Yellow Gold Entangled Design Chain | Price: Rs. 1,15,384


22K Yellow Gold Loop Design Chain | Price: Rs. 33,934



Look prettier by wearing a beautiful tiny yellow gold and diamond nose pin.

Mine Collection 18K Yellow Gold Pyramid Nose Ring | Price: Rs. 11,911


Mine Collection 18K Yellow Gold Flower Shaped Nose Ring | Price: Rs. 8,541


Mine Collection 18K Yellow Gold Triangular Nose Ring | Price: Rs. 11,673



Tanmaniya is a pendant that you can add to your mangalsutra or gold chain to enhance its look. Malabar Gold & Diamonds is presenting designs that are specially crafted keeping the radiant personality of the modern woman in mind.

Mine Collection 18K Two Colour Gold and Diamond Pendant | Price: Rs. 45,056


22K Yellow Gold Pendant | Price: Rs. 19,449


Mine Collection 18K Yellow Gold and Diamond Pendant | Price: Rs. 41,114


Choose your favourite pieces of jewellery and grab the opportunity to buy Malabar Gold online.  Don’t worry about your bills. Shop with the latest Amazon coupon codes available at DiscountMantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store, so that your purchase can be light on your pocket. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

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