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Must-Have Small Appliances For Your Home And Office

Jul 25, 2016 DiscountMantra

Jul 25, 2016 Home Decor


Technology is increasing fast. We are seeing a rapid growth in all forms of machinery and appliances. People are become highly dependent on them because they save lots of time and effort. Whether work or home, small appliances like vacuum cleaners, coffee makers and microwave ovens are seen almost everywhere. If you are planning to move to a new home or office, or are renovating what you already have, you would like to have the latest appliances to ease your daily life. And, you will realize that this is the best time to splurge on all of them after you check out the awesome Flipkart deals available on a wide range of small appliances. Browse through the list of handpicked appliances mentioned below and get your hands on those that you don’t have yet before these incredible deals run out.

Vacuum cleaners

Starting a day at work or home with hygiene and sanitation is very important. Although we all are dependent on our home maids for cleaning the home but, when they don’t come, we get all frustrated. This is where vacuum cleaners come to the rescue! When you have to do all the cleaning yourself, use a vacuum cleaner that will make your home and office all spick and span. These small appliances have become more powerful than before and come with a range of accessories that make them versatile. Shop for the Eureka Forbes Trendy Nano Vacuum Cleaner that will help you clean your home effectively and within no time.

Eureka Forbes Trendy Nano Dry Vacuum Cleaner | Price: Rs. 2899



Floor cleaners

Along with a simple vacuum cleaner, you need the perfect floor cleaner to have a spotlessly clean floor at all times. The robotic floor cleaner from Philips is going to do a great job for you. This futuristic looking vacuum cleaner can be programmed to do the cleaning all by itself. It will also clean hard-to-reach corners and areas under your furniture. With this robotic floor cleaner, you can rest assured that your floor and carpets will look as good as new.

Philips :FC 8800/01, (8838 800 01010) Robotic Floor Cleaner | Price: Rs. 14,750


Microwave oven

One of the easiest ways to cook, reheat and bake is the microwave oven. For both die-hard cooks and those who don’t use the kitchen much, a microwave is almost available in every kitchen. It is also the best appliance when you want to reheat your tiffin at work. Moreover, the recent models help retain all the nutrients in the food and also help to cook food evenly. You can keep your kids safe by using the child lock feature available so that you don’t have to worry even when you aren’t in the kitchen with them.

SAMSUNG 20 L Solo Microwave Oven | Price: Rs. 5749


Induction cook tops

Another most efficient kitchen appliance that is sleek and the future of contemporary cookware is the induction cook top. It helps make your cooking safer than your gas stoves, and also heats up the food faster because they are electrically powered. Moreover, the heat can be adjusted instantly and with great precision. It is also easy to clean as compared to the traditional gas stoves. All you need is a damp cloth!

Prestige Pic 15 Induction Cooktop | Price: Rs. 2595

Prestige-Pic-15-Induction-CooktopCoffee machines

One of the most important appliances you can see in every office is a coffee machine. Whether it is your staff or your guests, give them a treat with the amazing aroma of strong coffee. It will keep your staff refreshed and will help you strike a deal with your clients. Simple to use and great for those who love a strong dose of caffeine, coffee makers can give you options of espresso, cappuccino and latte.

Morphy Richards Europa Espresso / Cappuccino CM 4 Cups Coffee Maker | Price: Rs. 4799


Hurry up and catch the amazing deals on all these appliances! Give your home and office an uplift with these small yet efficient appliances. Shop with the latest Flipkart offers available at DiscountMantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store, to get great discounts on your bills. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

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