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Online Discounts On Nutrition Products

Nov 16, 2015 DiscountMantra

Nov 16, 2015 Fashion & Health


You might have seen your grandma performing her daily activities and chores briskly even at the age of 80! Your grand-dad might be going for a morning walk or jog happily every day in spite of him being in his eighties! Where has all this energy come from? It is from the food intake and the lifestyle they have been living since childhood. Do you think you will be as active and vigorous as them even in your sixties? With the kind of lifestyle we live and the kind of adulterated food we are having every day, it seems impossible, right?

We have not much choice of pure food but, we can definitely lead a life with some daily exercises and can ask our physician for some daily supplements and vitamins we require to take in addition to our daily diet. Protein supplements, vitamins, health food, health drinks have become an integral part of a majority of people today. Healthgenie offers an extensive range of such vitamins and supplements for daily intake.

People are even hitting the gym to keep themselves fit. Some go there for body building while some go there to lose weight. With the gym prices rising so high, there are many people who are building up a personal gym at their home itself. A large majority of people today are victims of diabetes, blood pressure, respiratory problems, etc. Other than regular visits to the doctor, such people even need to take care of themselves at home by monitoring their levels. Healthkart provides such meters and monitors to keep your blood pressure and diabetes levels in check.

With the rising inflation, taking care of our own body is getting so expensive. Whether you buy vitamins and supplements, gym equipment, massagers, fitness accessories, meters and monitors, first aid or anything at all, you are confronted with huge expenses. You might be fretting over medical bills. But, there is a solution to all this!

You can buy nutrition products, gym equipment, fitness accessories, beauty products, personal care items, elderly care, baby care and much more online at great deals and discounts by shopping with HealthGenie and Healthkart coupons, which you can avail at DiscountMantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.

Some of the current Healthgenie offers available on nutrition products at DiscountMantra include:

  • Upto 28% off on Twinlab Products
  • Upto 20% off on BSN Products
  • Upto 20% off on QNT Products
  • Upto 30% off on Nutrition Products
  • Upto 17% off on Tara Nutricare

Healthkart offers available on nutrition products at DiscountMantra currently include:

  • 30% discount coupon for OYO Rooms
  • 35 to 47% off on The Vitamin Shoppe (on selected items)
  • Upto 42% off on Meal Replacement Shakes
  • Upto 30% off on Mass gainers
  • Upto 35% off on pre workout
  • Extra Rs. 101 off on MuscleBlaze
  • Extra 10% off on Proteins & Vitamins Shop

So now, for shopping for anything you want for the health of you and your family, make it a point to first check for all the offers and coupons available so that you can have a pocket-friendly purchase everytime.

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