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Online Retailers Reach Out To Senior Citizens

Feb 24, 2015 DiscountMantra

Feb 24, 2015 News

Online Retailers Reach Out To The Senior Citizens

If you are one of those who think that online retailers cater to needs of just the young and the upwardly mobile urban crowd, then get ready for some surprise. Several online stores have come up with great offers and discounts for the senior citizens of our country.

Senior citizens who form around 4% of India’s population are hugely dependent on others to meet their daily needs and thus cannot be ignored by the online retailers. Keeping their needs in mind, several popular online stores have come up with products and services exclusively for the golden agers around us.

There are several products for the elderly which are not easily available offline. Thus online stores like HealthGenie, Flipkart, Lenkart, Groupon and several other stores have exclusive sections dedicated totally to the needs of the elderly. And the icing on the cake is that all these products and services can be availed at highly discounted prices through HealthGenie coupons, Groupon deals and Lenskart offers. In case you are wondering how you can get these coupons and offers, then you just have to visit DiscountMantra – the best online coupons and offers store in India.

You can avail health and wellness products like wheel-chairs, walker, commode chair and many other mobility solutions at discounted rates from HealthGenie one of the leading online stores for the elderly. They also have a whole range of back support products, mattresses, disposable under sheets and diagnostic aids.

And if there are elderly in your house who abhor visiting clinics for routine check-ups, then Lenskart has a perfect solution for them. It has come up with an amazing service of providing at-home eye care and check-up service for the elderly. Groupon on the other hand, has some amazing deals on home services for the elderly. They have some great diagnostic medical checkup packages for more than 58 parameters from Thyrocare.

Other popular stores for the elderly, like the Mumbai-based Senior Shelf and Old is Gold Store have the best products for senior citizens. Right from the daily living aids, hearing aids, arthritis and orthopedic support, post-operative care products, adaptive clothing, furniture, grooming aids to health insurance, home health care services and bill payments – you get it all over here. In fact Senior Shelf even has holiday packages which are specially designed for senior citizens.

All this surely is happy news for the elderly in our families. Now getting the best products for them is just a click away. Most of these e-stores have entered into a tie-up with major medical services companies to provide you with quality doctors, nurses, physiotherapy services and other health equipment at your doorstep. And with the latest coupons and discount codes which are available at DiscountMantra, you can save both your time and get the essential things at amazingly low prices.

So the next time you want your parents or grandparents to have a medical check-up or need to buy wellness products for them, all you have to do it book an appointment or just place an order online.

Caring for the elders has never been so easy before!

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