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Perfect Gifts For The Perfect Father At Indiarush

Jun 17, 2016 DiscountMantra

Jun 17, 2016 Fashion & Health, News


Your father has been working hard all life long to earn enough so that he can bring happiness into your life, and give you the best he can afford. He is the one who made you capable of what you are today. If you are studying in the best university, or if you have a great job, or you are a successful businessman today, you owe all of it to your father! It’s Father’s Day on 19th June. This is one day you can thank your father for all that he has done for you. Obviously, you cannot payback all of it but, you can definitely make him feel special. Bestow unconditional love on your father on this special day and make him feel on top of the world by showering him with gifts.

If you still live on the pocket money your dad gives you, you can gift him something that fits your budget. But, if you do have a job or business, there should be no stopping you to get him the best gift! Here is a list of some awesome gifts that range from as little as 300 bucks and goes up to thousands of rupees! So, you will definitely get a gift that is going to fall within your budget. However, if you still feel that what you want to buy is exceeding your funds, you can always shop with the Indiarush coupons at DiscountMantra - India’s best online offers and coupons store, to get great discounts. You can also subscribe to the newsletters to get the latest offers and coupons from various online stores delivered to your inbox.


The hands that have always worked hard deserve a reward. Gift your dad any of these beautiful silver bracelets made of steel silver so that he can proudly show his friends and colleagues what his child gifted him.

Steel Silver Bracelet | Price: Rs. 343


Steel Silver Kadaa | Price: Rs. 280



A belt is an important accessory for every man. He needs a formal elegant belt while going to work, and a casual relaxed belt design when he is out with friends or for family time. Get him all these branded formal and casual belts available at such attractive prices!

Victoria Secret Synthetic Leather Black & Brown Belts | Price: Rs. 349


Victoria Secret Synthetic Leather Brown Belt | Price: Rs. 299


Casual shoes

You always held your dad’s finger to learn how to walk. He taught you how to walk and run. He taught you to stand upright in every situation. Gift him a pair of casual shoes as a token of thanks that he can wear to work or elsewhere to keep his feet comfortable and running all day long. Choose from a formal tan or casual blue colour.

Bhavya Canvas Blue Casual Shoes | Price: Rs. 599


Bhavya Canvas BTM086 Tan Casual Shoes | Price: Rs. 599


A pair of classy shades

Get him classy shades to help him be in style when he is out in the hot sun. Keep his eyes protected from the sun and dirt, while adding a touch of flair to his looks.

Fastrack Aviator Sunglasses | Price: Rs. 2,095


Fastrack Rectangular Sunglasses | Price: Rs. 1,137


Office bags

There is lots of stuff your dad needs to carry along to work – his diaries, stationery, laptop, documents, office supplies and more. Gift him a strong and durable laptop bag or an office bag where he can put in all his important office stuff.

Le Craf Leather Black Laptop Bag | Price: Rs. 7,237


Le Craf Leather Brown Office Bag | Price: Rs. 5,000



Your dad needs to be very punctual to work. He needs to manage all his tasks effectively. He needs to balance his time between work and family. And, one thing that is common in all of this is his ‘time’. How would it be to gift him a branded watch so that he can manage his time even smarter?

Tommy Hilfiger Designer Metal Chronograph Watch| Price: Rs. 7,540


Emporio Armani Leather Belt Wrist Watch | Price: Rs. 7,472



Rings are an all-time favourite for a man. With only limited jewellery that they can wear, unlike women, rings seem to be their most beloved. If you have enough of a budget, this could be the best option for you to choose from.

Aman Pure Silver Ring With Blue Stud | Price: Rs. 6,745


Aman Pure Silver Ring | Price: Rs. 3,631


Waste no more time! Browse through this selective range of perfect gifts for your perfect father available at the best Indiarush offers, and shop for the one that you are sure your dad will love!

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