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How to plan a Perfect Christmas Party?

Dec 19, 2014 DiscountMantra

Dec 19, 2014 Festivals & Occasions


The holidays are a time to celebrate, and with Christmas around the corner, you must be ready to play host for the perfect Christmas party. So how did you go about it? Well, this is a complete guide to help you plan for the Christmas celebrations and festivities from start to end.

Plan all your tasks and activities for the party well in advance. Last minute job doesn't work well. Start by preparing a list. Write down the names of your guests so you don’t miss anyone. Send out invites to them well in advance, to ensure they make it to your party & do not have other plans in place.  Make a list of all food and decoration items that you have & that you need to purchase.

The look of your home needs a good thought. That’s the first visual your guests see when they arrive. Decorating at Christmas is about family tradition and personal memories. Cheerful floral arrangements and candles can set the mood. Create unique Christmas decorations; use unexpected items in your décor. You can use a vase filled with cranberries or ball ornaments. The traditional Christmas tree can be replaced with a tree made of interesting items. Make sure you have the correct dinnerware and cutlery for the menu. The count should match the number of guests. You wouldn't like people waiting for the plates.

Food – the life of any party. Christmas cakes, muffins, cookies and more. Bake those special treats in advance. Choose recipes you can make in advance and that freeze well. Consider offering a cocktail menu with different concoctions to choose from and have the recipes written somewhere for guests to read. Choose your Christmas dinner keeping in mind the guests invited for the party. Their likes & dislikes play an important role for the success of food menu.

Plan your outfit well in advance. The day of the event can be hectic, no matter how much you prepare and plan. Everyone wants to look their best but there is never enough time for self when the day is finally arrived. So have your party look, including accessories, laid out and ready to go.

Don't miss to buy Christmas gifts for everyone. This is an extra surprise for your guests and will add a feather to your cap. Check out some great Christmas offers and discounts.

Create a festive mood with a well lit room, soft music and good aroma. Play some Christmas songs in the background so that it’s not too disturbing for the guests. This will set the tone and get guests in the mood for fun. If necessary add a few lamps and candles too, for that extra Christmas ambiance.

Have fun planning for this holiday season!

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