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Protect Your Skin From Holi Colors

Mar 6, 2015 DiscountMantra


Holi – the very name of this festival brings to the mind bright stunning colors, pichkaaris, water balloons, tasty gujiyaas and of course Bhang. And of course, Holi does bring to the mind colors which are hard to wash off from your body and also the itchy effect it has on the skin. Traditionally, the festival was celebrated with natural colors (made with herbs and flowers). But these days colors have lot of chemicals, dyes and heavy metals which are not at all good for your skin and eyes.

So in this post we bring you some easy ways in which you can protect your skin from Holi colors and get rid of them without any trouble.

To begin with, as they say “Prevention is better than cure” – so go herbal. This Holi add colors to your joy with herbal colors. You can easily get them from popular online stores like Flipkart and Amazon which have a wide range of herbal and organic colors. These colors are non-toxic, easy on the skin and eyes and can be washed off without much of a trouble. And the best part is you can get the colors are amazing prices using Flipkart coupons and Amazon offers available on DiscountMantraIndia’s best online coupons and offers store.

Now let’s come to knowing how your skin can be protected. There are certain precautions which you need to take before playing Holi and some tips which you can follow when you are done with playing colors. So let us begin with the beginning.

Things to do before stepping out for Holi

Apply oil to your whole body. You can use any basic oil, like coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil. It is totally your choice. The only thing which you need to remember is that you do not miss out oiling your ears, behind the ears, finger tips etc. As colors usually accumulate on these parts of the body.

  • Oil your hair thoroughly. You surely do not want hues of orange, blue and pink on your tresses for days to come. So oil your mane liberally.
  • If you are uncomfortable applying oil on your face then apply Vaseline/ moisturizing cream on your face. You can buy some of the best body lotions and creams at discounted price using Nykaa coupons and offers.
  •  Do not wear contact lenses while playing Holi. It is highly dangerous.
  • For those of you who are quite concerned that Holi turns your teeth into some other color, dental caps can be used.
  • And of course you can don an old pair of glares to protect your eyes and also look fashionable at the same time.

How to clean yourself after Holi?


Now here is a list of quick tips which will make removing Holi colors easier for you, once you are done with coloring.

Rather than just starting away with scrubbing, first wash yourself well in plain warm water.

Then use a mild body soap or body wash.

As you have oiled your body there are very less chances that your skin will be heavily colored. In case there are patches of stubborn colors, you can use mild scrubs or home-made packs to get rid of it.

Many do not limit themselves to colors while playing Holi. Rather they use things like rotten eggs etc. which leave a stinking smell behind. You can add Eau de Cologne to your bathing water to get rid of the nasty smell.

With these precautions and tips, we are sure your Holi celebration will only leave behind sweet memories and not ugly patches of color. And as we already suggested using organic and herbal colors is the best way to celebrate this festival of colors.

Wishing you and your family a safe and colorful Holi!

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