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Reverse The Clock With These Anti-Aging Food Items

May 4, 2015 DiscountMantra

May 4, 2015 Food


Each one of us wants to always look and feel young. Of all the things, it is your skin which mirrors your age the most. As you age, your skin losses its glow and elasticity. And though there are umpteen numbers of beauty parlors and cosmetic clinics which guarantee healthy glowing skin with their high budgeted beauty sessions, nothing can beat the effect and result which you can gain by making minor changes in your eating habits.

As sunburns accelerate the aging process, here is a list of food items which fight aging and sunburns effectively:

Green Tea

Chuck all the aerated drinks and switch to green tea. Green tea is rich in an antioxidant named EGCG which reduces the formation of free radicals in the body, protecting cells and molecules from damage. These free radicals are known to play a role in aging and all sorts of diseases.

Green tea also protects your skin from sun damage and sun burns thereby reducing wrinkles. So start your day with a cup of green tea and see changes in your skin within a couple of months.

Tip: You can freeze green tea in an ice cube tray and later rub the cubes on your face and hands to get rid of sunburns.


Yes tomatoes! Something which is found in every Indian kitchen. They are rich in lycopene and Vitamin C and low in sugar. Tomatoes help in keeping your skin healthy and hydrated and also fights sunburns. Include it in your diet as salad or juice and you will see a visible difference with in a couple of days.

Tip: You can also grate tomatoes and use it as a facial mask or body scrub.


Tofu—and other soyfoods, such as edamame and soymilk— are rich in isoflavones, which help to preserve skin-firming collagens. This surely with give you a youthful look, therefore make it a point that it is a part of your daily diet.

Leafy Vegetables

Now there are many who do not like leafy vegetables at all. But trust us when we say that nothing can help your skin more than the leafy greens. Being rich in Vitamin A they protect the skin from harmful free radicals, prevent dryness and irritation, and also fight acne.

Leafy greens also help to keep your skin hydrated. Munch on the leafy greens at least twice a day and you will find your skin to be fresh, soft and wrinkle-free skin.


Fish rich in omega-3, especially Tuna is the key to healthy skin. It helps to preserve collagen, prevents skin cancer and is also good for the heart. You can have upto two servings of this fatty fish each week and get wrinkle-free, glowing skin.

Along with this include fresh fruits like strawberries, oranges, grapes in your diet. It is also important that you use quality skin products and always apply a sunscreen before going out in sun. Skin care is an everyday process. Apart from a healthy diet and use of good quality skin products, make it a point to include regular exercise and proper sleep in your everyday regime.

With this simple lifestyle changes you can very easy keep wrinkles and sunburns at a bay.

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