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The Summer Beverage Fest At Amazon

Apr 28, 2016 DiscountMantra

Apr 28, 2016 Food


With summers, all you can think of is fresh juices, sharbats, cold drinks and other beverages. Neither kids nor adults prefer meals during these hot days. We all prefer chomping on some snacks while sipping on our favourite beverages. Here’s good news for all beverage lovers - Amazon Summer Beverage Fest, where you can shop for your favourite juices, ice teas, cold coffees, cold drinks, cocktails and more available at great Amazon offers.



Looking for healthy fruit juices that are filled with the goodness of fresh fruits? Choose from a wide range of fruit juices packed with the integrity of fruits like apples, oranges, mango, pineapple, grapes and many more. Quench your thirst with the most nutritious and refreshing juices presented by top brands including Real, Paper Boat, Tropicana, 24 Mantra Organic, Mapro, HealthVit and many others. You can find options of juices that are organic, gluten-free, low in carbonates, with no added sugar, no artificial flavours and no preservatives.

Ice tea

Ice-tea at amazon

If you are a tea-lover but don’t wish to sip a cup of hot tea this summer, you can opt for chilled ice tea instead. Brands like Lipton, Paper Boat, Wagh Bakri, Country Time, Girnar, Dabur and others are offering a wide variety of ice teas in a number of flavours. They also help you watch your weight by presenting natural and fat-free ice teas that are suitable for diabetics.

Cold coffee


Those who love coffee aren’t left behind. The Amazon Summer Beverage Fest takes care of their preferences too. You can shop for cold coffee in powdered and syrup forms presented by well-known brands like Bru Gold, Cafe Coffee, Malvis, Nescafe, FunFoods, Ralli's, Plus and Blue Tokai. Also, check out for the special butterscotch, vanilla, cocoa and orange flavours in coffees.



Shop for alcohol-free and gluten-free squashes from top names in the industry like Kissan, Mapro, Complan, Dezire, Mishrambu, Birla Morton and many others. Quench your thirst with the goodness of fruit with squashes that have amazing flavours of fruit pulp within.

Cold drinks


Add a dash of sparkle to your celebrations with a wide range of frizzy drinks in a variety of flavours to excite your taste buds. These non-alcoholic beverages are great alternatives for the entire family during celebrations where everyone from kids to adults can enjoy them to the fullest. Choose from your favourite brands like Coca-Cola, Haldiram’s Nagpur, Mapro, Bavaria, Valentino, Country Time and others.

Ice-cream mixes


Ice-creams are a must-have at home during summers. Treat your family and guests with a scoop of ice-cream after lunch or dinner and they will be delighted! But, instead of shopping for ready ice-creams at the parlours, you can make your own favourites at home! Shop for fat-free ice-cream mixes with no artificial flavours presented to you from names like Butterfly, Natural Honey & Foods, Backpacker’s Pantry, Krishna and Ragvitta. Choose your favourite flavours from a wide range available including chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, pista, butterscotch, mango, pineapple, badam and many more.

Milkshake mixes

Make it fun for your little ones to drink milk before they go to school or before their evening playtime. Instead of plain milk, you can give them delicious milkshakes in their favourite flavours like strawberry, chocolate, banana, vanilla, coffee, badam, mango, hazelnut, rose and pineapple. Nesquik, Hintz, Indah, Natural, Moments and Hello Kitty are offering tasty milkshake mixes for your little ones.

Cocktail mixes


Appetizing cocktails make it easier to bear the heat of the summer sizzle. Relish the wide range of fruit beverages to refresh you with the goodness of fruit flavours. Check out the varieties of cocktail mixes that combine fruits and drinks to call for a refreshing non-alcoholic celebration. Select your choice from flavours like mint, apple, hazelnut, passion fruit, cranberry, black currant, strawberry, watermelon, peach, kiwi and many more syrups available from Monin.

Every drink needs a snack

Beverages alone can do no magic. You need the right kind of snacks to munch on while you sip on your favourite beverage. This is why Amazon is also offering a special section of snacks where you can shop for chips, nachos, biscuits, cookies and namkeens.



Nothing can match the aroma of a freshly opened bag of salted crispy chips. Whether you are watching a movie or match at home with friends and family, make it special by serving bowls full of chips and nachos along with a variety of drinks. Gluten-free, organic chips with no artificial flavours or preservatives are available from top brands including Lays, Cornitos, Pringles, Salsalito, Tastilo, Jacker and more. Many flavours like cheese, barbeque, jalapeno, chilly and others are available too.

Biscuits, wafers and cookies


The best conversations happen over a cup of tea or coffee. How about serving some special biscuits and cookies with them to dunk in? A variety of flavours like coconut, butter, orange, cashew, lemon, cream, multigrain and others are available from brands like Unibic, McVities, Dukes, Express Foods, 24 Mantra organic, Whole Foods and many more.



Shop from a wide assortment of namkeens available with options like low fat namkeens, nut-free namkeens and those with no added sugar, no preservatives and no artificial flavours. Select the brand you love the most from the vast list including Haldiram's Nagpur, Kurkure, Act II , Prakash Namkeen, Bikano, Roasted King  and many others.

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